Ricky Kim Tweets An Image With Choi Yeo Jin

“Midas” actor,model, and the newest face of Reebok Ricky Kim admits he needs romance! Well, in the form of a drama that is. The happily married husband and father recently made a cameo appearance on Kim Jung Hoon‘s TvN comeback drama “ I Need Romance“. While on set, the Korean-American celebrity found one of the leading ladies of the series and snapped a Twitpic. Actress Choi Yeo Jin gladly agreed to smile for his Twittersphere and an image was posted on June 28th.

Check out an excerpt of his tweet below:

“Ricky Kim and Choi Yeo Jjin… on set for [tvN drama] we need romance~~ its so hot today”

Before you say what you think about the tweet above….tell Ricky your thoughts first! The following is what he tweeted to his followers recently:

“Ricky Kim Fan Mail@ MakingStars Ohsung Bldg 6fl, 13-5 Yeouido-dong, Yeongdeungpo-gu Seoul, KOREA 150-870 sends some love to ME♥♥”

Credit @RickyKim81