“City Hunter” Teases with 6:1 Fight Scene from Tonight’s Episode

SSD released new teaser stills of Kim Nana’s (Park Min Young) gutsy fight scene from the upcoming episode of blockbuster drama “City Hunter.” In episode 11, Park Min Young will dazzle viewers with her cool and composed ability to pull off difficult action sequences, which many actresses tend to shy away from.

Her fit body from months of judo training, along with her light and swift body movements, helped Park Min Young film the fight sequence as realistically as possible. The filming took place on the 27th at a set in Kyeonggido, and the actress showed up ready and confident. Just like her judo-turned-bodyguard character, she handled the scene professionally and competently.

So far, all three actors – Lee Min Ho, Lee Jun Hyuk, and Park Min Young – have performed the stunts themselves, refusing to use a stunt double in order to make the scenes appear realistically as possible. Park Min Young perfectly coordinated all her movements with six other stuntmen; and her quick reflexes, as well as perfectionist nature, made filming the difficult scene relatively easy.

The drama’s stunt director stated, “Park Min Young’s judo training helped her perform action scenes. She’s amazed the rest of the cast and crew by pulling off stunts many actresses tend to skip out on.”

Meanwhile, fans were left with a huge cliff hanger last week as Kim Nana discovered Lee Yoon Sung’s true identity as the city hunter. Many are speculating whether Nana decides to help Yoon Sung take down the “group of five” by becoming the city huntress. “City Hunter” will air its eleventh episode tonight, June 29th, on SBS at 9:55PM KST.

Photos courtesy of SSD