After School Boys to Debut at Year’s End

The male version of After School, called After School Boys will debut at the end of this year (2011).

After School Boys will be under Pledis (Son Dambi and After School’s Agency) and the group will portray the powerful energy and innocence of 10-something teenage boys. Currently there are four members that are preparing for their debut performance and they will pick one to two new members through auditions.

Pledis stated on June 29th, “We are currently preparing to debut at the end of the year with a 5~6 boy group,” “After School Boys isn’t the official team name. Soon we will pick the team name and also start creating a stage and music concept.”

They continued on, “This agency has only had female singers before and since it is the first male group for the agency there is a lot of interest,” “the After School Boys will be a boy group with a completely different image.”

Two members of this new group were introduced by Gahee before. The two members were Dong Ho and Jong Hyun.

Source: Star News