Perez Hilton Praises 2NE1: "Why Can’t We Have Girl Groups This Hot in America???"

2NE1 recently made a record-breaking comeback with “I Am the Best,” achieving a perfect all-kill within hours of its release. 2NE1 also released its much-awaited music video for “I Am the Best” yesterday. Fans from all over the world were flocking to 2NE1’s YouTube page hours before the official release date, expressing their anticipation and excitement for the release. The music video is currently on YouTube’s homepage, listed as one of Top Favorited videos.

Celebrity blogger Perez Hilton has also praised 2NE1’s newest release with a blog post saying, “Soooo good!!! Check out the fierce deluxe Korean girl group’s just-released music video for I Am The Best (above)! Sashay! Shante!!! Why can’t we have girl groups this hot in America???”

Looks like TheNextHokage (Soompi writer of “Possible Obstacles for K-Pop in America and Who Could Do It Right Now”) might be right. Maybe 2NE1 does have a chance of succeeding in the American music market.

For those of you who haven’t watched the music video for “I Am the Best,” you’ve been missing out. Check it out below!