Rainbow’s Jae Kyung, “It’s Pouring Rain Outside, It’s Probably because a Rainbow is About to Form?”

Rainbow’s Jaekyung shared a picture of her “innocent everyday” picture. On June 29th Jaekyung tweeted, “it’s raining a lot outside, it’s probably because a rainbow is about to form?” In the photo Jaekyung is wearing casual clothes and giving a beautiful smile.

Netizens who have seen the twitter wrote, “Wow the comment fits in perfectly with rainbow,” “Even your everyday look is pretty.”

Currently Rainbow came back with “Sweet Dream” and their dance performance named “The Dragonfly Dance” is gaining a lot of popularity. (The name is given because all of the members are dancing like they are waving dragonfly wings.) The other dance they performed before was called the “Black Swan Dance.” “Sweet Dream” was produced by DJ Dicy Dance who is a popular Japanese producer.

Source: Star News