New Group HITT to Hit the K-Pop Scene

Major record label Sony Music will debut a six-member all-male group on July 4th. The new group, called HITT (which stands for Here Is The Top), has been revealed today through a teaser photo by their entertainment agency, Happy Holic.

HITT’s members are Wooram, Howon, Hyunjun, Juntaek, Hayong and Jaehoon. Their musical style will be of the dance, ballad and hip-hop genres.

“We at Sony Music will help and support HITT in their singing careers, not only in Korea but also Asia,” Andy Jones, head of Sony Music’s Asia Marketing is reported to have said during a visit to Korea.

The group will be releasing a teaser music video for their debut album “Here Is The Top” on July 4th, officially kicking off their careers.

HITT is the first idol group produced by global powerhouse Sony Music, who has worked with Beyonce, Usher, and Avril Lavigne in the past.