Secret’s Hyo Sung’s FUI? (Filming under the Influence)

On yesterday’s episode of “Strong Heart,Secret’s Hyo Sung addressed rumors of filming a show while intoxicated. Hyo Sung stated, “The incident occurred not long after my debut. I was given a MC role for an internet music show, and I really wanted to do my best. However, I made a huge mistaken and was cut from the program.”

She explained, “We [Secret] were filming the music video for ‘Magic’ for 24 hours straight, and the song’s choreography is extremely powerful and exhausting. Unfortunately, as fate would have it, the recording date for my new program was scheduled right after our MV filming, so I went to the recording without any sleep. I was half asleep, half awake and kept slurring my words.” She went on to say that from someone who didn’t know the full story, it could have seemed as if she was under the influence of alcohol. She added, “Even I thought I was drunk.”

“Strong Heart” then showed the clip of Hyo Sung emceeing the program, and those on set burst into laughter. In the clip, Hyo Sung was barely able to keep her eyes open and was slurring her words. She also revealed that she carries the file of the video around to keep her in focus whenever she’s tired.


Check out Hyo Sung’s FUI below!