New GD & TOP Logo in Response to Playboy Enterprises’ Request

GD&TOP, the project unit of Big Bang, released their first album last December, yet their logo has caused some controversy for the similarity between GD&TOP’s logo and the well-known Playboy Enterprises logo. Hence, YG Entertainment has decided to have a new logo for the duo.

The new GD&TOP logo and the design of their album cover have been revealed through the YGeShop today. YG explained the reason for the change was because the original GD&TOP logo was an image of a bunny’s ears combined with “V”, which represents victory; and it’s based on the Playboy’s bunny logo; yet the product has no association with Playboy’s work at all. Due to the confusion caused by the similarity of the two bunny logos, YG has been considering the issue and has received requests from Playboy Inc. as well. Therefore, the decision to redesign a new logo was made. As seen below, the bunny’s ears are gone on the new cover!

According to the website, the sales of the GD&TOP album with the original bunny logo will be halted, and the release of the NEW COVER Ver. with a new logo begins next month. The content for the new version will be exactly the same as the old one, the only difference is the cover design.

Source: YGeShop + Big Bang Updates