Block B Continues to Sell Well After Release; Color and Lightstick Revealed

Not long ago the Big Boss, Cho PD, commented via Twitter in regards to the promising sales that Block B’s debut mini album had been receiving. He planned to order more copies to be produced as the boys’ album was sold out just in pre-orders, proving to naysayers that these “New Kids on the Block” are for real and mean business. Recently Cho PD updated fans mentioning that he had put in and received the latest order of mini-albums to only sell out once again! Here is what he had to say about the matter, “The additional stock for the albums were added today, but again we went out of stock. We ordered the second additional batch to match up for the Seoul fan signing. Thank you BBCs. (I’m worried because it’s the rainy season).” The boys of Block B are receiving much love from the public and fans alike as their popularity continues to grow with their new reality TV show airing and as they start to promote the album on music programs.

Block B is scheduled to begin promoting their latest single later in the week on music shows. Just in time for their comeback Cho PD has revealed the group’s official cheering aid, the light stick along with the group’s color. “The light sticks are out! Is it a bit small? I think it’s pretty.” 

Originally Block B’s colors were to be orange and blue but soon after had to be changed due to negative feedback from Shinhwa fans. As of now the color will be purple, though it is known that was the female group S.E.S.’s color as well. “Yes, our employees were so concerned over the fandom color. I thought it was so immature and a waste of time, so I just decided on one. Sue us. There’s no reason to be upset, and my feelings aren’t a problem either ^^ If there are spare colors, please let me know (but this doesn’t mean I’m going to use it!). While confirming this for the past several months, what I felt was that this was ‘collectivism.’ Please take into consideration what I feel, fans.” We shall see if this causes anymore controversy amongst fan bases, here is hoping that there won’t be anymore hostility.

Also according to Cho PD you too can purchase your own light stick plus more as they intend to open up a store on their site as well. “We’ll be opening a shopping page on our official homepage next week. Please hold off on the t-shirt questions until then. ^^”

How do you feel about Block B’s new light stick or the decision on their color?

Source: B on the Block