Former Possible SNSD Member’s Photos Draw Renewed Interest

Avid SM fans will probably remember Stella Kim as one of the strongest candidates for popular girl group Girls’ Generation (SNSD), as well as rumored then-girlfriend of Super Junior’s Choi Si Won. Recently past photos of Stella with various Girls’ Generation members have been surfacing internet communities, garnering a lot of attention from netizens for her beauty. 

Initially, SM Entertainment planned to debut SNSD as an eleven member group. The group photo below was taken before SME’s final revision of the members. In the photos, netizens could not help but notice Stella’s amazing features. It’s no exaggeration to say that in the group photo, Stella’s porcelain skin, dark black hair, and small face shone above all others. With her tall height of 172cm, weight of 47 kg, and her angelic beauty, no one can deny that she has the “SNSD look.”

Netizens commented. “It would have been amazing if Stella was part of Girls’ Generation,” “She’s one of the prettiest! How could they [SME] drop her?” and “Maybe she’ll debut as part of another group later on.” 

It’s been said that Stella withdrew from the group to continue her education. She’s currently back home, studying at New York University (NYU).

Super Junior’s Choi Si Won and Stella Kim in 2007