2AM Named “Honorary Cool Guys” by Men’s Health

2AM has been named “Honorary Cool Guys” by the Men’s Health, the world’s largest men’s magazine. The award will be presented tonight at the “Cool Guy Contest” in downtown Seoul, Big Hit Entertainment said in a press release today. In particular, Bang Shi Hyuk, the star producer and mentor of 2AM, is expected to be one of the main panels at the event, so fans are looking forward to their reunion.

Men’s Health gives the annual “Honorary Cool Guys” award to the hottest front cover model of the year. 2AM is the first idol group to win this award. Netizens have commented, “Congratulations 2AM! You guys are true ‘Bagel’ stars,” “Bang Shi Hyuk, are you going to criticize the ‘cool guys’ too?” and “Emotional idols 2AM, now take over the ‘cool guy’ title as well.” (Editor’s note: The word “bagel” denotes “baby” face and “glamorous” body. It is a new buzzword created recently to describe sexy yet cute-looking stars).

Meanwhile, 2AM’s Chang Min is scheduled to make a comeback with Lee Hyun of 8eight in July with duet track “Homme.”