SNSD Denies Much Publicized “SNSD Diet Plan”

SNSD discussed their health and toned bodyline on the June 30th episode of MBC “Good Day.” They talked about the much publicized “SNSD Diet Plan” and disputed it as false report.

Yuri explained the secret behind her much publicized solid abs, saying, “I still have a long way to go. It might look more defined because I try to work out right before going up on stage. The diet plan that was made public recently was completely wrong. We’re taking a lot of nutritious, healthy food three times a day, and working out regularly.”

Yoon Ah added, “We really eat very well. I don’t know where the whole ‘SNSD Diet Plan’ came out of. We eat so well and are healthier than you think.”

Sunny was also asked about the incident where she lost consciousness before their Japanese concert. She explained, “I was in a little pain just that day, but started to feel better from the evening. I’m very sorry for it, but now I’m healthier than ever. People think we eat less because of the whole ‘SNSD Diet Plan’ but the managers get shocked at the amount we usually eat. We’re eating very well and taking a lot of rest too, so you don’t have to worry about us.”


The “SNSD Diet Plan” was first revealed earlier this year on SBS variety show “Star What Do You Eat?” According to the show, SNSD’s meal plan during concerts or important TV appearances consists of only small amounts vegetables, five pieces of broccoli, 100g of chicken breast, and 150g of brown rice.