[Recap] City Hunter Episode 11

Here are the abbreviations that I will be using for the recap

Lee Yoon Sung (Played by Lee Min Ho): Yoon Sung

Kim Na Na (Played by Park Min Young): Nana

Lee Jin Pyo (Played by Kim Sang Joong): JP

Bae Shik Joong (Played by Kim Sang Ho): Bald dude

Choi Eung Chan (Played by Cheon Ho Jin): President CEC

Choi Da Hae (Played by Goo Hara): Dahae

Lee Kyung Wan (Played by Lee Hyo Jung: Target 1

Kim Young Joo (Played by Lee Jun Huk): YJ

Jin SeHee (Played by Hwang Sun hee): YJ’s ex/Sehee

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Cliffhangers galore! Gahhh the writers of the show really know how to make a person’s stomach lurch. Uggh. Oh well, this episode was full of revelations as well, and like I always say it was “jam-packed.” So without further ado, let’s get on with the recap!

First off we are back to the cliffhanger at the end of City Hunter Episode 10! Yoon Sung has his knife against Nana; and now, he knows that she knows that he’s the City Hunter. (Phew, and she knows that he knows that she knows he’s the City Hunter 😉

The two don’t say much and escape together inside the back of an ambulance.

The two get off near train tracks. They begin to walk away with Yoon Sung basically dragging Nana along.

Yoon Sung is dragging Nana. Yoon Sung pulls Nana’s arm and asks her, “When did you begin to know?” (That I’m the City Hunter) Nana, “When I almost fell at the broadcasting building. When I saw your eyes.”

He says, “I’m warning you, don’t get involved in my work.”

Nana, “How could I! The person I shot saved my life twice!”

Yoon Sung, “Killing somebody like you is nothing for me… If you don’t want to die erase everything that you know about me. Go back to the moment when you knew nothing about me.”

YJ receives the blood test results and they do not match. He questions the lab person, and she is annoyed.

Yoon Sung returns home, and JP is warning him. If your identity is figured out by Nana, she will have to die.

Nana and Yoon Sung are both inside different bathrooms. Nana wonders about Yoon Sung getting shot, “How much it must have hurt…”

Yoon Sung tells himself, “Lee Yoon Sung, erase Kim Nana. For Nana…”

Nana and her partner join Yoon Sung and Ki Joon’s table to eat lunch. Yoon Sung’s supervisor lightly scolds Yoon Sung about not having been available at a presentation. Nana tries to cover up for him, Yoon Sung walks out saying that he will take full responsibility. Yoon Sung asks Nana to come to the bench.

He tries to push her away saying, “Was my warning a joke to you?” but she is adamant. Yoon Sung, “Don’t make me regret having saved you.”

Yoon Sung gives his resignation to his supervisor. The supervisor tries to cling on to him.

Back at YJ’s office, the underling confesses that he was blocked by Nana. The underling found out about Yoon Sung’s father, that he was a part of Special Forces and had disappeared in 1983.

She admitted that Yoon Sung’s father (PMY) was the president’s bodyguard, she also talked about the “Rangoon Bombing” incident. She saw JP and was a bit frightened and surprised.

JP is waiting inside of Yoon Sung’s mother’s hospital room.

JP lies to Yoon Sung’s mother stating that her son died in a plane crash. He throws a newspaper on her bed showing an accident with somebody else. JP asks her to forget everything, heal, and live a new life. JP admits that he is currently at war with the people that have hurt PMY and her son. JP says, “Kyung Hee… my wish is that you live well…”

Ex-officer asks JP if he should go to these extremes but JP is adamant.

Yoon Sung is at home eating with the bald guy, but he doesn’t have the stomach to eat. Yoon Sung decides to go to the hospital.

At the hospital, Yoon Sung’s mother wants to drink a can of Korean sprite. The ex-officer says that he will go instead.

When the ex-officer goes back to the room, she has disappeared!

Yoon Sung runs to JP asking what happened to his mother. JP threatens Yoon Sung saying that for her to be safe, Yoon Sung needs to listen to JP. JP tells Yoon Sung to kill Target Number Three himself. JP tells Yoon Sung that he has two things to lose. After Yoon Sung leaves, JP commands the ex-officer to find Yoon Sung’s mother, and also to bug Yoon Sung’s room.

The last two members of the Group of Five besides the President are talking on the phone. (Target Number Three and the CEO who will probably be Target Number Four) Target Number Three tells his son, you are also another part of me. YJ denies this, “No father I am not your alter ego!” 

Back at Yoon Sung’s apartment, the ex-officer is setting up the bugs in the apartment while the bald guy is clueless and listening to music as he cleans dishes.

The President, the CEO, and Target Number Three are meeting together. The President wants to reveal the truth about their “wipeout plan” in 1983. However, the CEO threatens the President saying that he has dirt on him.

Yoon Sung is packing his things to leave, but the supervisor doesn’t want to let him go. Ki Joon gives the present to Nana’s partner. 

Nana rushes off to Yoon Sung because he is leaving. Nana, “I will forget you, I will go back to the state where I didn’t meet you, I will disappear from your life completely. I came to say this.”

Nana is at her office and she receives the affidavit from the bald guy, admitting the fact that he fudged his witness statement regarding Nana’s parents and their accident. Nana calls her aunt and then goes to YJ’s office. She notices that on his computer, a message that “Daddy Long Legs’ wrote her is on a post-it attached to the monitor. She realizes that YJ = Daddy Long Legs. 

Nana asks YJ, when they are the café together. She gives YJ the news and also makes YJ admit that he is “Daddy Long Legs.” She thanks him as well.

YJ tells her that he needs to admit something, (DAMNIT, KYAAAA! >_< thought he would tell her that his father is Target Number Three) but just tells her that he’ll take care of her parents’ accident case.

Yoon Sung asks the bald guy to attach a GPS on JP’s cane. The bald guy is extremely hesitant. Yoon Sung tells the bald guy a password if he is ever in danger again.

Nana talks to her parents through the picture as she leaves her apartment. She is sad that she couldn’t keep her promise of protecting the apartment.

Nana goes to Sehee asking to stay at the animal hospital for a bit, Sehee then offers to let her into her home. Nana replies that she just needs the sofa. Then, Nana asks Sehee if she knew that YJ was “Daddy Long Legs,” and Sehee replies that she did not.

JP already knows that the bald guy was trying to put a GPS locater on JP’s cane, and the bald guy fails. JP asks the ex-officer if he sent the letter to YJ.

YJ goes to Target Number Three (his father) after receiving the message from JP that reads, “The next target is Kim Jong Shik (Target Number Three).

YJ knew about Target Number Three’s shady dealings with the bald guy after Nana’s car accident.

YJ’s father (Target Number Three) “Is that the reason why you hated me so much? The reason you suddenly pushed me away?”

YJ “As much as I had respected you.”

YJ explains that Nana has gathered evidence against his father; however, Target Number Three says that he is still fine in front of the law because too much time has passed. YJ asks if time cleans sins. He asks his father to confess his crimes, but Target Number Three rejects this.

YJ “Very Well. But, if you have any other dirt could you be so fine in front of the law? I will show you the strength of the law that I strive to protect.” As YJ leaves, Target Number Three commands that Nana and the bald guy be kidnapped.

The two are kidnapped and trapped inside a basement. 

Yoon Sung knows where the bald guy is because of the GPS locator the bald guy had failed to put on JP!

He first enters Target Number Three’s office and finds a lock with a password, he puts on some type of cool liquid in order to highlight fingerprints and tries out different combinations of the four numbers.

Nana and the bald guy escape after tricking them into believing that Nana has to use the restroom. Once outside they run into Yoon Sung! He tells them to stay hidden outside while he goes back inside to find where Target Number Three is hiding money.

Yoon Sung finally breaks the code into the safe and finds a crapload of 50,000 won bills. He calculates the amount by guesstimating!

As he is about to leave, he is shot with a tranquilizer gun by one of Target Number Three’s henchmen.

Yoon Sung wakes up in a basement somewhere and is being teased by the main henchman. Yoon Sung irritates the dude untill, he challenges a woozy Yoon Sung to a fist-fight! Yoon Sung is still recovering from the tranquilizer hit and eventually loses. The other henchmen are about to kill Yoon Sung.

Nana rushes in to save the day and she is busting out all of her moves, judo and wrestling what have you.

Right when it seems like Yoon Sung and Nana have the upperhand, the main henchman brings out a gun and aims at Yoon Sung. Nana steps in to get hit by the bullet!

Yoon Sung, “Kim Nana… Kim Nana…Why?”

Nana, “You saved me… Twice… Did you hurt this much as well?”

Yoon Sung, “Don’t talk… Don’t say anything…”

Nana, “Did you hate me? I would like it if you told me you didn’t… I wanted to tell you, thank you…”

Yoon Sung, “Why did you take the bullet? Why did you take the bullet?”

Nana, “I’m glad it wasn’t you…”

Nana heaves a sigh and her arm drops…

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