Soompi Spotlight Fanfiction: Double Feature

Hey Soompiers! The second week of the Soompi Fan Fiction Marathon has just passed, we have a total of 57 stories written (including several drabbles). The new prompt this week calls for writers to respond to a picture prompt. Both Team 1 and 2 writers have stepped up to the plate, each team submitting 6 full length one shots in response to the 2nd prompt.

Great Job to all the writers 🙂 maakopla, rintard, Yui., -inniie, xRiChan, Kallen_Langely, and Miss Bouakham!

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Username: maakopla
Team Number: 2
Picture Number: 18

“Live, be happy my Eun Ji. Please, just be happy and keep smiling. Go on, get over and forget about me. One day you will be happy. I love you and I am sorry for leaving you behind like this. I’m so sorry.”

Those were his last words, or that’s what Eun Ji had been told to.

Maybe forgetting would be impossible but…

She could at least move on. Maybe.


Username: Yui.
Team Number: Team 1
Picture Number: 12

It’s almost as if we had an entire island to ourselves.

There was a rock sitting deep into the shoreline with gentle waves splashing against it. Him and I were standing on that rock together with shallow water around us. This is our island.

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Username: rintard
Team Number: one
Picture Number: sixteen

tick. tick. tick. tick.

I gripped my hands tighter onto the metal bar attached to the seat in front of me. I gulped and looked to my side. A deserted parking lot was the only thing I could see to my right. My stomach churned as we climbed up higher and higher.

I gulped once more. The cart stopped at the very peak, only to plummet down.

I closed my eyes.

Three …

Two …

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Username: -inniie
Team Number: 1
Picture Number: 9

I smiled sadly, letting a single tear slip out of my eye. I held the lighter up to a corner of a photo where i laughed when you kissed my cheek.

*click click*

The gas lit up in a brilliant yellow flame. I let the photo touch it, lighting it up and dropping it into a small metal tray. I picked up the next photo. We were at an amusement park, and you had just won me a giant bear. I bit my lip to muffle a sob as I dropped it on top of the first photo. As I burned our photos, I wondered, do you remember all the promises you gave me? all the happiness and love?

If only it was as easy to forget as it is to create memories.

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Username: 2loveU
Team Number: Team 2
Picture Number: 8

I should have never told him my secrets. Thinking back, they were so embarrassing. Like why would you tell a guy you never received a stuffed animal from any guy. Never received a single rose from a guy. Never received a kiss before. And never had a guy do anything special for you? Well, i told him. At the time, I watched as all my friends squealed with delight from all the things their boyfriends or crushes did for them. And i was always that girl who smiled sadly to herself and found joy in all of my friends happiness. But i finally told him. It was a spur of the moment thing.

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Team Number: 2 
Picture Number: 10   

     It was near closing time. But he was still there. Mai rested her elbows on the counter behind her and looked back an forth between the dark sky through the large windows of “Coffee House” and the dark haired stranger that had been the only customer left since everyone had left an hour and a half ago. Jay, the owner of Coffee House, had told Mai to stay for the last hour while he attended to some personal business. “Just give what he wants and shoo him out at closing time!” Jay had said when he left an hour ago.   

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Username: Miss Bouakham
Team Number: 1
Submission: Picture 1

You were often told that your love for him was a bit foolish. It was just an illusion. No one can truly fall in love merely by looks, can they? It wouldn’t be called love, but rather lust. Or physical attraction.

But you knew better.

These feelings wouldn’t still be with you for years if it were something as fleeting as infatuation.

No, you were quite convinced, it must be something more. It didn’t matter if no one believed you. It didn’t matter if you were ridiculed. You were content keeping him alive in your heart. It was your own secret; a secret you will never divulge to anyone.

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Username: Kallen_Langely
Team Number: Team 1
Picture Number: Picture 9


Four years have passed since our breakup.

So why is it that I still can’t forget you? Why does your face still appear in my dreams? Why does your voice still ring in my ears? Everywhere I go, you’re there beside me—following me. I want to forget you. I want to forget your smile, your touch, your scent… I want to forget everything. I’ve tried so hard to start over. I take a different route to work; I avoid every restaurant we’ve eaten at; I even threw away the ring that once defined us as “us.”

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Sign ups for the marathon have ended but if you’re interested in any of the activities feel free to jump in as a freelancer ^^ and if there are any stories you want to comment on, leave them here in our Discussion Thread!

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