[Recap] City Hunter Episode 13

Here are the abbreviations that I will be using for the recap

Lee Yoon Sung (Played by Lee Min Ho): Yoon Sung

Kim Na Na (Played by Park Min Young): Nana

Lee Jin Pyo (Played by Kim Sang Joong): JP

Bae Shik Joong (Played by Kim Sang Ho): Bald dude

Choi Eung Chan (Played by Cheon Ho Jin): President CEC

Choi Da Hae (Played by Goo Hara): Dahae

Lee Kyung Wan (Played by Lee Hyo Jung: Target 1

Kim Young Joo (Played by Lee Jun Huk): YJ

Jin SeHee (Played by Hwang Sun hee): YJ’s ex/Sehee

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We are back at the cliffhanger, JP arrives and Yoon Sung breaks through the door with a chair. Yoon Sung is inthe way of JP’s gun and nana. JP was pointing the gun at the two but he hesitated and left.

Nana asked Yoon Sung to promise him, if she is ever in danger again, not to save her. Yoon Sung, “Stop it.” Nana “You almost died because of me!” Yoon Sung, “Please! Stop!”

JP is back at his office, cleaning out his gun. When asked what JP’s plans are, he talks about the past when Yoon Sung went crazy after his nanny had died. JP “We just have to make Yoon Sung like that again.”

Back at Yoon Sung’s apartment Nana and Yoon Sung begin to argue again. They talk about protecting each other blah blah blah, all I hear is, I love you and can’t live without you ;). Yoon Sung ”What makes a girl like you become so energetic?” Nana smiles and says, “You just thought I was really cool, huh?”

Target Number Three on the other hand is trying to spin the issue about, the money being taken by the City Hunter with reporters at his office.

Yoon Sung goes off on a mission (to plant a bug in Target Number Three’s Room), and Nana joins in despite Yoon Sung’s reservation.

Target Number Three commands his henchman to find Nana or the bald guy, and to kill them to lure in the City Hunter. The bald guy is looking for Yoon Sung’s mother.

(Funny fact: Myung Moon University, which is the fictional university that has Target Number Three as its dean, actually merely means “prestigious” university)

Nana is like an excited puppy with Yoon Sung for his mission.

YJ’s office, Nana’s aunt is looking for Nana and worried. YJ is taken off City Hunter’s case, because his father is involved. (Conflict of Interest)

Target Number Three’s office, Yoon Sung and Nana arrive inside and in disguises, but YJ is on his way as well!

Yoon Sung succeeds in putting in his spy camera/book, Nana was good at providing a diversion. YJ arrives on scene and he just misses Nana. He just misses Yoon Sung as well, but YJ is trying to look at the man working at his office, suspicious that it might be Yoon Sung.

YJ gets a call from Nana, and she acts like the call has weak service to draw him out. (Haha, cute)

YJ is trying to convince Target Number Three to confess. YJ, “After lying to everyone, now you’re trying to learn to your own son?” YJ, “You don’t feel guilt? The mother is dead and the father is a vegetable!” Target Number Three, “Isn’t that a relief that they are receiving my punishment instead of me?” YJ, “You should have died in that accident instead, I wouldn’t have hated you, I am regretful that I was born as your son. What happened in 1983?”

YJ ends the conversation with, “I don’t think I can protect you this time, please be careful.”

Yoon Sung was recording the whole conversation. Nana wants to see the video, but she only catches a glimpse of YJ. She says, “Ooh it’s YJ he’s probably going to knock down Target Number Three!” Yoon Sung, “Do you think a prosecutor is a wrestler or something? Knock down…?”

YJ is adamant to continue investigating the City Hunter case, but his underlings advise otherwise. YJ decides to go about the investigations by himself.

Yoon Sung is at his mother’s restaurant, and YJ sees him alone. YJ pieces the facts together.

YJ goes back to Target Number Three’s office, and pretends that he gets a call about Yoon Sung’s mother’s whereabouts in order to draw out Yoon Sung. (Haha YJ is clever indeed!) Yoon Sung is at the place and is being led by the nun, but he asks her if Lee Kyung Hee’s leg is fine. (He asked that on purpose because he was a bit suspicious!)

YJ is right behind Yoon Sung when he parks his car, and the two bicker. YJ is sure that Yoon Sung was looking for his mother in his trap.

The bald guy is at a temple and he has found where Yoon Sung’s mother has been staying!

YJ is clearing out the files for the City Hunter case. He finds an mp3 that was a gift from his father for getting into College. He plays the mp3 and there is a recording left by his father telling him that he believes a prosecutor is needed in order to protect the law and justice. Target Number Three wants YJ to be a prosecutor that protects Korea’s justice. (Kya… so sad!)

Yoon Sung is working out and YJ takes the running machine next to him. Yoon Sung tells YJ that he knows that Target Number Three is his father. Yoon Sung asks YJ when he will tell Nana that he is Target Number Three’s son. Yoon Sung asks YJ what Nana would go through if she found out that Daddy Long Legs = Son of Target Number Three.

Nana’s partner is complaining to her supervisor about Da Hae. A man is waiting for her outside and she goes to see him: It is the bald guy! (Haha he was picking out leaves playing she loves me or loves me not.) He gives her the green tea from the temple. Nana’s partner asks the bald guy to thank Yoon Sung for her, the bald guy “It’s not from Yoon Sung but me….”

Yoon Sung calls the bald guy looking for him. He is at the Blue House, right when he’s about to see the bald guy. The bald guy gets hit by a car! Yoon Sung sees the same license plate as Target Number Three’s! (But, I think JP is inside of the car, just a hunch)

The bald guy almost died but he his vitals came back down to non-critical. Nana and Yoon Sung are in the bald guy’s room. Nana tells Yoon Sung that she knows what he is going through, she’s worried that he might be bent on revenge. Yoon Sung, “Now I think I kind of know what JP is going through.”

In the bathroom, Yoon Sung’s eyes are ferocious as he punches the mirror.

YJ is talking to his supervisor and he actually received an award, he asks for one name to be removed from the guest list. (It was his father’s, but Target Number Three still receives an invitation.)

YJ is sitting at his award ceremony, and he is shocked at how his father had arrived. YJ is worried that the City Hunter will be at the ceremony.

YJ is doing his speech and he repeats the words that his father had recorded on the mp3. He says the words, “in order to protect justice…” and the video of his father talking to YJ is played on the background. The supervisor remarks, “Isn’t this the City Hunter’s doing?”

YJ runs off to his father but is stopped by Nana. Nana confronts him about all that she has found out. YJ says that he will apologize later but needs to go to his father, Nana says that she won’t accept the apology later.

Target Number Three runs into his car, but Yoon Sung is in the back seat. YJ is following the car.

Yoon Sung is threatens Target Number Three that both YJ and Target Number Three are going to be destroyed. Target Number Three asks that his son not be harmed in all of this. Yoon Sung tells the father, “If you are a real father what can you do for your son?”

Yoon Sung is approaching Target Number Three who runs away saying, “Don’t come near, I can’t have my son be harmed.” 

Target Number Three is hanging on the railing and Yoon Sung thinks about the past and also what Nana has told him.

Yoon Sung changes his mind the last moment but Target Number Three lets go off the railing, dropping to his death?

YJ is also at the scene and screams, “FATHER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

Not really a hardcore cliffhanger like the previous ones we had, but I’m still curious if Target Number Three survived. Also, what will YJ do now?

I really liked how this was an emotionally charged episode that was almost YJ centric. It focused a lot on YJ, it was good to see different sides of Target Number Three, avoiding the one-dimensional evil man. He loves his son and is very proud of him, but he also loves power. Of course, at the end it seems like Target Number Three chooses his son, as it looks like he is commiting suicide to protect YJ.

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