Lee Min Ho’s Five Stages of Anger in "City Hunter"

With only six more episodes until the finale, more and more people are unable to take their eyes off “City Hunter.” It’s truly an all-encompassing drama with a nice balance of action, thrill, and romance plots. Yesterday, “City Hunter” recorded its highest ratings yet with 19.6% (AGB Nielsen), blasting away its competitors. Sung Yuri’sRomance Town” recorded 12%, while Jung Yong Hwa’sHeartstrings” followed a distant third with 6.6%.

Meanwhile, both the public and fellow “City Hunter” actors have been praising Lee Min Ho nonstop for his dedication to his craft. Since his first lead role in 2008’s “Boys Before Flowers,” he’s shown vast improvements in acting. Now, the audience is able to perceive his character’s emotions with just a glance at his eyes. Various fans commented, “When Yoon Sung is hurting, it cuts me too,” “I’ve fallen into Min’s Ho’s brown eyes can’t get out,” and “It’s easy to hop on the ‘City Hunter’ bandwagon, but impossible to get off.”” Torn between justice, destiny, and love, Lee Min Ho’s Yoon Sung is at a crossroads.

“City Hunter’s” Lee Yoon Sung’s Five Stages of Anger

1st Stage: Yoon Sung’s surrogate mother shot to death in front of Yoon Sung (episode 1)

2nd Stage: Nana saves Yoon Sung by throwing herself in front of the bullet (episode 11)

3rd Stage: Yoon Sung finds out Jin Pyo’s lies about his biological mother (episode 12)

4th Stage: Mother/father/confidant Shik Joong gets hit by “target number 3’s” car (episode 13)

5th Stage: Yoon Sung realizes his father’s manipulations (episode 14)

The truly “dark Yoon Sung” emerged in the fourth stage when the person he loved, Shik Joong, was almost killed right before his eyes – just like his surrogate mother. This incident awoke the sleeping giant inside Yoon Sung, the alter persona who was so caught up in fury that he blindly chased down gunmen before he stepped on a landmine seven years ago. Which stage was most memorable for you?

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