[Recap] City Hunter Episode 14

Here are the abbreviations that I will be using for the recap

Lee Yoon Sung (Played by Lee Min Ho): Yoon Sung

Kim Na Na (Played by Park Min Young): Nana

Lee Jin Pyo (Played by Kim Sang Joong): JP

Bae Shik Joong (Played by Kim Sang Ho): Bald dude

Choi Eung Chan (Played by Cheon Ho Jin): President CEC

Choi Da Hae (Played by Goo Hara): Dahae

Lee Kyung Wan (Played by Lee Hyo Jung: Target 1

Kim Young Joo (Played by Lee Jun Huk): YJ

Jin SeHee (Played by Hwang Sun hee): YJ’s ex/Sehee

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Yoon Sung is breathing heavily and receives a phone call from his father, “A person seeking vengeance goes back to save his target, then there was no reason for me to run over the bald guy.”

Yoon Sung goes to JP. Basically Yoon Sung is infuriated at his father’s actions, making the bald guy hover between life and death. Yoon Sung, “I thought of who was important in your life, there is just one person.” Yoon Sung stabs his own hand. “No matter how much you want it, I can’t kill anybody, I learned today. Your revenge and mine is different, I only feel like crap.” (Referring to JP’s style of bloody revenge.)

YJ is at the hospital and his mp3 had recorded the conversation between Target Number Three and Yoon Sung.

Yoon Sung is at the bald guy’s side and Nana comes in saying, “What happened Lee Yoon Sung?” Yoon Sung tells Nana, “Go away, go away before you become like the bald guy!” Yoon Sung tells Nana that it was all JP’s doing.

Nana, “I’ll be by your side…” Yoon Sung, “Me.. I don’t want anybody hurt or lose anyone.” Yoon Sung, “I made the bald guy like this…” then Nana hugs Yoon Sung.

YJ hears the mp3 of the conversation between Yoon Sung and Target Number Three. YJ hears the part that Target Number Three has said, “Just don’t touch my son.” YJ screams in agony.

Yoon Sung as at the hospital peeking at Target Number Three. YJ faces him. YJ, “You.. don’t get caught by anyone else, I’ll catch you. No matter what you do, I will always be watching you.”

Yoon Sung, “You must feel a lot of resentment, venting out on anyone.” As Yoon Sung walks away, YJ says, “You’re not a hero… you’re just a murderer.” YJ talks to his supervisor asking that he be put on a secret case for Target Number Four, (Cheon Jae Man) YJ states that if he fails he will resign as a prosecutor.

Nana has come to JP. Nana asks JP, “Please let Yoon Sung go.” JP tells her that she won’t be able to leave as easily as she had come in. When Nana begins to accuse JP of not loving Yoon Sung, he brings out his pistol and arms it. Nana, “It’s ok, I’m already a human shield.” JP, “Those intent eyes it would be a waste to kill you now.”

Target Number Four is talking to his bodyguard/assassin. He says, “If he died cleanly it would have been better.” The bodyguard/assassin is asked to keep an eye on Target Number Three and take care of him if he wakes up. Target Number Four will try to lure the City Hunter out.

Yoon Sung asks Nana if she is alright with the revelation about YJ being the son of Target Number Three.

They see on TV Target Number Four giving a press conference about the dead involved in the “wipeout plan.” He says that they were killed because of military secrets. Also, that the City Hunter is on a plan for revenge.

Nana remarks that this hospital is a part of Target Number Four’s company. Both of them hear the news that the bald guy has woken up!

Yoon Sung, “Thanks for living, thanks for not leaving me.” The bald guy, “I found your mother, Bo Ta Temple.”

Yoon Sung is at the temple and sees his mother. His mother had been refusing to go to the hospital. Yoon Sung sits next to his mother. She says, “My baby… My son? How much you must have been hurt that I didn’t recognize you at first. I am so sorry, so sorry.” Yoon Sung says, “Mom…. Mom…” The two hug for the first time. Yoon Sung asks that his mother be treated in secret. (Smart, because otherwise Target Number Four or JP will find out?)

Yoon Sung’s mother wants to go outside and leave the hospital, because she’s worried it might be the last time for her. She wants to feed him once with her own cooking.

They go back at Yoon Sung’s mother’s home. He said, “I am sorry, I thought you had gotten rid of me, and I was angry at you. I thought that I needed to save you so at least I could continue hating you. I am sorry.” She apologizes, “I am sorry, that I couldn’t protect you.” Yoon Sung’s mother, “Let’s live a long and happy live.”

The ex-officer has seen everything. JP arrives, “Because of emotions you disobey my command? I will not forgive you a second time.” JP, “Could you two understand what I’m trying to do/what I’ve done?”

When Yoon Sung and his mother are eating, Yoon Sung is removing the beans in his rice. The mother says, “You are just the same like your father.”

When asked about JP, Yoon Sung lies that he was always good to him. Yoon Sung asks about his father. She answers that he was a kind and manly man.

Nana is outside and sees mother and son eating and takes a picture while smiling.

JP is at his office and he looks at a diary which has a picture of Yoon Sung’s mother.

Target Number Four is having money problems, but there is something that he is advised to see: Steve Lee. (JP) JP meets with Target Number Four.

In the hospital, Nana hands a pocari sweat can to Yoon Sung, Yoon Sung asks, “Are you happy with me? I don’t know what comes the next day, if you are with me, you could fall into danger.” Nana, “My emotions are my own, I won’t tell you to take care of me, so don’t worry.”

JP and Target Number Four have arrived at the hospital. JP sees Yoon Sung in the corner.

Yoon Sung has already met eyes with the cute secretary.

JP is in the bathroom, Yoon Sung warns him about Target Number Four, and also not to foil his plans. JP tells Yoon Sung that he will show him how to go about true revenge.

In Yoon Sung’s car Nana confesses that she wants to move back to her own home. Yoon Sung is a little upset and Nana asks, “Are you upset?” Yoon Sung replies, “Whatever, this is good, you were cleaning out our refrigerator.”

They arrive at Nana’s apartment, and Yoon Sung lies down on the couch. She tells him to stand up and Yoon Sung grabs Nana.

The two have another moment together, but Nana hits Yoon Sung’s shoulder. Yoon Sung, “How much was touching a shoulder? 100,000 won, give it to me!” Nana, “Ok, I’ll just get you a good coffee.” Yoon Sung, “Wow everything is so expensive for you.” Nana, “Whenever I see a coffee packet I think about you.” Yoon Sung refuses to drink the coffee, “I’m not going to drink it anymore, I quit.”

He leaves and Nana says, “Is he upset because I didn’t give him the money?” Yoon Sung, “You think about me when you see coffee? That shouldn’t be.”

YJ is eating lunch and everyone around him avoids him like the plague. (Probably because of everything that has happened.) Back at his office, he finds out that Target Number Four and JP had met.

Da Hae is running in the Blue House, Yoon Sung has returned! Yoon Sung’s days gone will be vacation days, but he exclaims that he needs to see bikinis. Da Hae and Nana’s partner both suggest going to a beach or a swimming pool.

Yoon Sung is looking through files and finds out info about JP’s past.

YJ is at JP’s office. JP gives hints to YJ about the “wipeout plan.”

Yoon Sung and Nana are shopping. Nana is paying back Yoon Sung the 100,000 won. Nana asks that she be included into the City Hunter missions.

Yoon Sung agrees and he is going into a hotel room with the pretty secretary from Target Number Four. They toast and the secretary falls asleep, Yoon Sung has found out what he needs. Nana is obviously upset with Yoon Sung’s ways but he is still adamant and tells that this is the way he does his missions. Nana will still follow Yoon Sung around however.

Target Number Four is talking to Target Number Three telling him to wake up. Target Number Three’s hands move!

Target Number Four have a conversation with YJ, Target Number Four asks his henchman to get rid of YJ.

Yoon Sung is on the move, this time he beats up the security guards with a walkie-talkie!

Yoon Sung sees that Target Number Four is trying to get rid of the secret documents that won’t be revealed until 2030. (Probably with information about the “Wipeout Plan”) Yoon Sung overhears that YJ is in danger. Target Number Four’s henchman is going to kill YJ.

YJ is locked in his car, and almost killed but Yoon Sung arrives just in time.

YJ wakes up and grabs Yoon Sung’s ankle! Another semi-cliffhanger! 

Final Comments

Hey everyone sorry for the late update!

For the final comments I wanted to go back and take a look at the infamous “Group of Five” that Yoon Sung is dealing with. The drama is developed enough that we know enough about each of the targets for me to intelligently write something about them.

The interesting thing about the way these targets were set up is that they each have their own domains in South Korea. “Domain” meaning industry, each one is at the top position. Commonly, most citizens of each country usually have gripes with a certain sector of their country. Korea is no exception to this rule, and each of these baddies represent a side of Korea that many of the citizens have gripes with. This works when the City Hunter brings justice it’s actually something that has been on the minds of Korea before.

Target Number One: Government

Remember this guy? He was assassinated by JP. But, before that the dirt that Yoon Sung found about him was regarding his taking money from the impoverished. Also, one should note that this character was very one-dimensional. He was evil from the start! (Being mean to little kids!)

Target Number Two: Military

Target Number Two was a presidential candidate with an honorific military background. But wait, his sons evaded or were trying to evade their military service. (A big nono in South Korean politics) Also, he was making shady deals with arms dealers to provide Korean troops with defunct supplies! (Broken shoes, and broken jets)

Target Number Three: Education

Now we know that he probably survived his suicide attempt. Regardless, this character was a bit more complex because he is the father of YJ! On one hand he loves his son, but on the other hand he is greedy. He forced the bald guy to change his witness statement and also has been taking money that should have been used for his university.

Target Number Four: Business

We are just beginning to crack the surface of the CEO, but he probably is the shadiest of them all. His bodyguard/assassin is used to spy on or for executions. Yoon Sung should just nab the bodyguard/assassin in my opinion!

Target Number Five: The President

Probably the most complex and conflicted target of them all! The president is also the father of Da Hae, which will probably add a bit more of conflicted emotions for Yoon Sung. The president was an honorable man who didn’t want the “wipeout plan” to go through, but he didn’t extend any secret aid. Currently the president is being very honorable however we know that he probably has some dirt, as the CEO commented that he has dirt that could potentially slam the president. I’m excited at the prospect of everything unfolding and look forward to what the writer’s had come up with!

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