“Heartstrings’” Jung Yong Hwa Reveals Photos of Himself and Others!

Late last month, CNBlue’s Jung Yong Hwa and Park Shin Hye appeared as guests on MBC’s FM radio, “Younha’s Starry Night” and left behind special Polaroid shots. In the photos, the two “Heartstrings” costars displayed their close relationship to each other with various adorable poses, leaving many fans wondering about their intimate relationship. Netizens commented, “Shin Hye and Yong Hwa are so cute together!” “What about Seo Hyun?!” and “Are they really just friends?”

Polaroid shots taken at the radio station!

Earlier today, Jung Yong Hwa also released a set of pictures on the set of his drama. He posed with his fellow co-stars Park Shin Hye and Kang MIn Hyuk and took some photos of himself as well.  

#1 I Fell in Love with my Face

In the photo, Jung Yong Hwa shows off his  pale complexion, slightly tinted lips, and round brown eyes. He’s seen with a small grin as he peers into the lens. Maybe he too realized just how good looking he is.

#2 With Shin Hye!

Jung Yong Hwa and Park Shin Hye displayed perfect chemistry in 2009’s “You’re Beautiful,” so much that fans have been wishing that these two starred in another drama together. The two reunited with “Heartstrings,” melting their fans with an adorable bickering relationship.

#3 From Bandmate to Classmate

Jung Yong Hwa and Kang Min Hyuk play bandmates both on and off-screen. They’re both part of popular band CNBlue, as well as the fictional band “the Stupid” in “Heartstrings.”

#4 Deep in Thought

Jung Yong Hwa is seen gazing down at the floor, looking more or less solemn.

#5 On a Bike

In the drama, Jung Yong Hwa’s character uses his bike as his means of transportation. Whenever he’s on his bike, riding freely as the wind caresses his hair, he makes both his female classmates and viewers swoon in absolute delight.

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