Weekly Box Office Report: Second Week of July

Korean Movies:

1. The Cat: Two Eyes That See Death: Revenue) $2.1 Million, Total Viewers: 362,823

2. Sunny: Revenue) $1.9 Million, Total Viewers: 6,592,201

3. Poongsan: Revenue) $0.59 Million, Total Viewers: 635,144

4. White: The Cursed Melody: Revenue) $219 Thousand, Total Viewers: 771,026

5. Dream of a Memorable Day: Revenue) $24 Thousand, Total Viewers: 36,758

6. Quick: Revenue) $8 Thousand, Total Viewers: 946

7. Play: Revenue) $9 Thousand, Total Viewers: 8,408

8. True Taste Show: Revenue) $3 Thousand: Total Viewers: 11,407

9. The Front Line: Revenue) $4 Thousand, Total Viewers: 450

10. Mother Kkaturi: Revenue) $1 Thousand, Total Viewers: 17,302

*Revenue is over the weekend and is approximate

Featured Film of the Week: Quick

This film is an action/thriller about a quick service motorcycle driver that delivers bombs! A former motorcycle gang member, Gi-Soo, makes a living as a bike messenger. One day he witnesses the building blow up. Never suspecting he could have anything to do with the bomb, he moves onto his next job―which is escorting a girl group singer, Ah-rom, an ex-girlfriend from his biker days. As she puts a proffered helmet on her head, a timer mechanism is triggered and a countdown clock appears. Gi-Soo gets a call from a stranger telling him to make a series of deliveries within a fixed time limit. When Gi-Soo completes deliveries, each turns out to be a bomb.

The film stars, Lee Min-Ki as “Gi-Soo,” Kang Ye-Won as “Ah-Rom,” and Kim In-Kwon as “Kim Myeong-Sik.”


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