Which Korean Celebrity Looks Best in a Bikini?

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Korean celebrities in bikinis are like diamonds in the rough, very rare, and very special! Trying to find pictures of Korean celebrities in bikinis made me realize just how conservative (?) Korean entertainment still is, or it’s either just that celebrities are too self-concious or agencies aren’t letting them reveal bikini pictures. (I could barely find any pictures of idols in bikinis) Anyways, I am all the more thankful to Lee Hyori for pioneering these dark waters and actually becoming a beacon of light. Fighting! Now without further ado, here are the pictures!

Lee Hyori: What words could express what you make so many feel, thank you…. thank you for gracing us with your presence.

Park Si-Yeon: The ever so beautiful, Park Si-Yeon. She appeared on Family Outing, Coffee House, and the film Marine Boy. Sigh….~

Ga In: I remember this picture came out when she was in a virtual relationship with Jo Kwon, he was pretty angry, but I don’t see why… She looks very pretty and cute.

Lee Min Jung: Dear Lord! Her beauty is effortless, when this picture came out I remember many Koreans were drooling.

Hwang Jung Eum: The cute actress from “Can You Hear My Heart” and “High Kick Through the Roof.” She is also well known as the girlfriend of SG Wannabe’s Kim Yong Joon.

Chae Eun Jung: (AKA Enjel) She was originally a former member of the Korean girl group “CLEO” and then debuted solo in 2007 as Enjel.

Lee Chae Young: The beautiful and sexy Lee Chae Young appeared in various commercials, music videos, and dramas. Her most recent drama was “Comrades.”

Lee Jenny: Jenny was famous for Guys and Girls, as the glamarous one, people nowadays call her the original Bagel girl. (Baby Face + Glamarous Body)

Park Min Young: Currently Park Min Young appears on the drama, City Hunter!

Han Chae Young: The beautiful Han Chae Young appeared in this swimsuit for a TV show (yes, I know it is not really a bikini… this is my desperation)

Jewelry’s Ha Joo Yeon: Yeap not really a bikini here either, but this is as close as one could get to an idol bikini picture!

Choi Yeo Jin: Choi Yeo Jin is well known for appearing on I’m Sorry, I Love You and Hello My Teacher. She debuted into the entertainment business when she was picked as the first entry at the 2001 Super Elite Model Contest.

Yoori + Baek Ji Young: Cool’s Yoori and Baek Ji Young are known to be close friends, and they seem to travel together as well, as indicated by these different bikini pictures.

G.NA: Haha. I was surpised when I heard this one, but G.NA actually had appeared in 2PM’s music video for “10 points out of 10.” Wowza

Kim Sarang: There aren’t any recent, real bikini pictures of Kim Sarang, however she was Miss Korea of 2000, and there was one bikini picture of her I could find…. albeit an old one.

Jin Jae Young: She appeared on “Sex is Zero” and “My Sweet City.”

Kim Jun Hee: She appeared in the films “Between Love and Hate” and “Oh! Brothers.”

LPG: How unfortunate that this group can’t be seen no more :(.

IVY: Here are some pics of IVY in lingerie. (Close enough to a bikini in my book)

Min Hyo Rin: This beautiful goddess appeared on the film “Sunny” and the drama “Romance Town.” (Closer to lingerie, I believe)

Kahi and Uee: Possibly the closest thing to a bikini you’d ever see with After School.

SNSD: Possibly the closest thing to a bikini you’d ever see with SNSD.

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