Mnet's “Boom the K-Pop” Reveals SNSD’s Massive Popularity in Japan

The force of K-Pop is undeniably reaching further and further, from Asia to Europe to even South America; yet what impact exactly does K-Pop have overseas? It seems like the impact is more than just music, especially in Japan.

Mnet’s “Boom the K-Pop” followed the girls of SNSD to Japan during their tours; through interviewing people in different ages at the hearts of Japanese pop culture such as Harajuku, Shinjuku and Shibuya, one could feel SNSD’s explosive popularity in Japan and how they are impacting Japanese’s girls in many ways! 

“Boom the K-Pop” is divided into two parts. The theme for the first part is “Do you know SNSD?” which did a survey on the girls’ popularity in Japan and the reason why Japanese are falling for the girls.

The second part is “It’s Girls’ Generation now!” which features how SNSD is affecting the culture of fandom in Japan and the life style of the Japanese girls in their 20s. Mnet revealed, “Because of K-pop boom, the culture of fandom in Japan has changed drastically. In Korea, fans often organize themselves into groups to support their idols together, while Japanese fans usually just do it alone. Yet ever since Korean singers gained more popularity in Japan, Japanese fans begin to do like what Korean fans do.” 

Mnet added, “Unlike in Korea, SNSD is most popular among female from 10s to 30s in Japan, it’s not only their music has massive popularity, but their fashion, make up and even their life style are now becoming the guide for these fans. Through the project of this program and through SNSD, we are going to present viewers the real K-Pop boom within Japan.”

“Boom the K-Pop” is airing on July 14th. Check out the preview below!

Source: TV Daily Taiwan

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