Was Min's Slap Real in miss A's MV Teaser for "Goodbye Baby"?

Min has quite a bit a explaining to do! On July 11th, her band, miss A, released their very first comeback teaser image and video. In the teaser, Min is seen slapping the lights out of a boyfriend who has brought her a bouquet of flowers. Her cold expression and the entire ambiance in the scene seemed like the perfect act…..but was it? The singer and dancer tweeted the truth behind the slap that only she and her man would know.

Min: “The slapping wasn’t fake at all.. I feel bad 🙁 SORRY!”

What did some Say A’s have to say about her accidental hit?

“don’t feel too bad, it was a good hit! ;D” – taraTerrrific

“I didn’t know you were a professional slapper! lol kidding. :> I am stoked for miss A’s comeback. 🙂 You guys rock!” – tokidokee 

Miss A is demanding respect! What is your 2 cents regarding the music video mishap?  You can watch it via their official site, or below:

Credits: @missA_min, @AQEOFFICIAL, and phaaaaaam

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