Under The Radar – z.hee

지희 (z.hee)
홀리펠라 (Holy Fella)

Full name: 김지희 (Kim Ji Hee)
Born: June 24th, 1987 (Seoul)
Education: Chugye University for the Arts

Talented vocalist z.hee released her first single a little less than a month ago. The first track of two in her debut single is a break up song that talks about how you cannot forget the departed lover. She is able to express the thoughts on her mind and make it an sad but alluring song. Actor-rapper Joseph lent his skills for the second track, a jazzy pop ballad song about sacrificial love, regret and commitment. In addition, R&B producer and singer-songwriter Seha helped to produce these expressions within the songs. With stunning good looks and exceptional skills, please look forward to z.hee’s music in the future, as well as the artists from Holy Fella.



z.hee 1st

01. 솔직히 난..
02. 나 때문이죠 (Feat.Joseph)


솔직히 난…

나 때문이죠 (Feat.Joseph)