Japanese Press Claims One Can Win the Lottery by Listening to SNSD's "Genie"

Everybody knows that winning the lottery by randomly selecting a bunch of numbers is purely dependent on chance and luck. However, a song that increases ones chances of winning the lottery has recently been introduced in Japan and has garnered the attention of many a wishful consumer. This special song has further gathered interest when it was revealed that the song was none other than “Genie” by Korea’s very own SNSD.

On Japan’s “News Post Seven” on the 13th, there was an article that featured songs that increased one’s chances of winning the lottery. On July 11th, the “Summer Jumbo Lottery” was released in Japan. The jackpot amount is approximately two million yen (~$2.5 million), and it was quite popular last year, as well.

“News Post Seven” predicted that the lottery will be popular this year and stated that the most important factor in increasing your chances of winning was your self-image. Thus, in order to by the type to be loved by money, you need a self-image that raises your pride.

The article stated, “In order to increase your chances of winning, you should prepare a playlist of songs that you like, and as you listen to those songs, you need to read aloud your winner’s speech. In addition, it is also important to record your voice and listen it to when you have time.” Listening to it at your curfew or before going to bed allows one to utilize one’s subconscious in achieving one’s goals.

The suggested song for this year was SNSD’s “Genie.” According to the article, “‘Genie’ consists of lyrics and a rhythm that’s very effective in awakening your subconscious mind,” and predicted that one’s chances will increase upon listening to this song.

The article concluded with, “Winning the lottery is not just a dream if you relieve yourself of negative trust in money and change to become a type of person loved by money,” and challenged readers to change their self-images.

Source: Naver 

Author’s note: In Eastern culture, there are unique beliefs regarding wealth and blessings. As demonstrated in the Japanese article, many do believe that there are people to whom money is prone to go to due to their personality, characteristics, family, etc. 

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