YG Struggles to Find Compromise with Motorcyclist's Family

Via an interview with Dispatch News, it has been revealed that difficulty has arisen in finding a compromise between YG and the family of the motorcyclist who sadly passed away in the accident involving Big Bang’s Daesung. When death is involved there is a lot of emotion and at times like these people have to tread very carefully. Well it seems this careful treading has creating friction and made it hard for the two groups to compromise.

The problems that have arisen is that the family of the deceased man feel that YG is difficult to deal with and that they are dealing with the situation in the wrong way. A member of the family has said, “It’s as if our child is being killed twice. I can only cry.”

The two parties have talked properly twice and during the second round of talks the two parties clashed in what they felt was the best way forward. This has resulted in strained relations. They are clashing over compensation where the family feels it should be the amount usually associated with car accident-related deaths whereas YG is giving an amount considerably different than what is expected. The family feels that the amount put forward by YG is one so different to what they thought that it makes the death “so regrettable.”

A family member states, “What is settlement money? It’s money that’s being traded for our child’s death. What could we possibly ask for with that money? The amount that YG is offering to us, we can’t just accept it indifferently. They offered an amount that makes our child’s death so regrettable; it just isn’t enough.”

The matter of money seems to be a focal point of the clashing – the family feels that YG is acting almost dismissively. But that’s not all. They also feel that YG’s attitude to the whole case has changed. When Daesung had visited the family and paid his condolences, some family members said that they couldn’t quite hate him when they saw a young man so distraught for his involvement. But the family’s attitude has soured toward YG. The following are comments by the family.

“At first, they said that they would do everything they could. They asked us to trust them, as they would cover all the funeral costs and hand us funds for compensation. Because they had the name of ‘YG Entertainment’, we believed them. Now that we are actually taking the formal steps to be recompensed, everything has changed. I feel as if we are being ignored.”

“Money is not important. If our child comes back alive, then none of that matters. What we want is an honest heart. All YG Entertainment did was contact us in a one-sided manner with how much they were willing to settle for, and that makes us feel humiliated.”

“They asked us whether or not we saw SBS’s ‘We Want to Know the Truth‘. They claimed that Daesung did not hit a normal passerby, that someone was already dying. I wanted to get up from that seat and leave the scene. Yes, our child is responsible for the situation, but is that really something to say now?”
“The police have already stated that the reason for his death was because of Daesung’s accident. But YG is using what was broadcast on television to raise another point. I felt so dark after hearing that. I wondered if YG was not believing in what the police was saying.” For now, it seems that a compromise between the two parties is out of the question. The family said that because YG is not being active in the pursuit of a compromise, it will be hard to reach one.

“We’re not even sure anymore whether they really want to settle the issue with us. This isn’t some kind of trade. We cannot accept how they just dropped a sum on us and told us to contact them if we agreed. We’re so confused as to what they’re actually thinking.”

Is YG acting aloof or is this just a misunderstanding? Hopefully the two sides will come to an agreement, but the family doesn’t seem to have high hopes. They even went as far as saying that YG said something to them that made them question if the company actually cared for Daesung at all. This is a big deal considering YG considers themselves the “YG Family,” and there have been many reports that within the company there is nothing but constant support. But that’s not the impression the family received.

“YG told us that they had nothing to lose. Even without Daesung, Big Bang is promoting just fine, and they said that they had time because it would take a while for Daesung to return anyway. They said they weren’t in a rush. If they’re like this to Daesung, what must they feel for our child…? I could not find an ounce of respect from them.”

When Dispatch asked YG for a comment, a representative replied,

“We are doing our best for the compromise. There aren’t any particular differences in opinions. We are mediating and balancing each other’s sides.”

Being a huge fan of YG and Big Bang this all makes me very concerned, as it would any VIP. The family is rightly distraught and the whole situation seems very messy. They say money is not the issue yet they apparently argue over it; YG is trying to protect Daesung but they reportedly don’t care for him. It seems that now the truth is hard to determine. It seems odd that YG would say something so openly harsh about Daesung, a member of a group that they’re fiercely proud of. I will not go as far to disrespect the family and claim they are lying, but let’s be honest, it’s hard to imagine YG not caring about Daesung. Yes, each and every member of the group is an amazing individual talent (shown in their solo work), but as we saw from the carefully picked line up in the documentary, Big Bang is five, VIP’s love them as five, not four, and YG loves them as five. So is it possible YG would throw Daesung to the sharks?

To try and get to the truth of the matter, fans from kang-daesung.com (DCDS) called YG and asked them about the news article from Dispatch. Some fans felt the article was biased and a misrepresentation of YG and Daesung’s character. In response they said they were told that,

“YG has been working on it, and YG asked Dae’s fans to please wait and believe YG. Also, they added that, during the process of negotiation with the bereaved, YG will do their best for both Daesung and bereaved family, so if you got any information from the media, please do not misunderstand and wait for Daesung.”

So, as YG has said, do not jump to conclusions due to any misunderstandings from the media. YG is asking all VIP and Daesung fans to be patient while the company goes through negotiations to try and fix this sad tale.

What are the thoughts of you Soompiers about the news article and YG’s reaction? Is the news article full of lies? Is YG in the wrong? Can any of you actually believe Daesung would be discarded by YG? Personally, I can NEVER see that happening.

Let’s hope that this situation is cleared up soon so Daesung can return to Big Bang and heal his mental state after such a hard time. Also, and more importantly, let’s hope the family can find some closure for the loss of their loved one. I feel for their emotional plight and hope they will soon find some peace.

Source: Big Bang Updates and kang-daesung.com

Picture source: Dispatch News

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