[Recap] City Hunter Episode 15

Here are the abbreviations that I will be using for the recap

Lee Yoon Sung (Played by Lee Min Ho): Yoon Sung

Kim Na Na (Played by Park Min Young): Nana

Lee Jin Pyo (Played by Kim Sang Joong): JP

Bae Shik Joong (Played by Kim Sang Ho): Bald dude

Choi Eung Chan (Played by Cheon Ho Jin): President CEC

Choi Da Hae (Played by Goo Hara): Dahae

Lee Kyung Wan (Played by Lee Hyo Jung: Target 1

Kim Young Joo (Played by Lee Jun Huk): YJ

Jin SeHee (Played by Hwang Sun hee): YJ’s ex/Sehee

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Back to the semi-cliffhanger, YJ grabs on to Yoon Sung but he just falls back asleep.. (Phew!) Yoon Sung calls over the ambulance.

Target Number Four has finished burning the secret documents, and his pretty secretary comes back with news that somebody infiltrated the complex. (He figures that it was the City Hunter) Target Number Four thinks that he is safe now.

However, JP gets the original version of the documents!

JP calls Yoon Sung to warn him that YJ is hot on their trail. JP to Yoon Sung, “You have big dreams. You love, and also protect your love. Do you think everything works out the way you want it to?” Yoon Sung, “I will survive, I will survive and protect everything.”

JP talks to himself, “Yoon Sung, you and I can never have a normal happy life…”

Nana asks questions about Yoon Sung’s mission and Target Number Four. Yoon Sung basically tells her to buzz off, then she tells Yoon Sung it’s time to meet his mother.

The two arrive at the hospital, there is a boy looking underneath a sofa for coins. Nana lifts up the sofa.

The two are talking to his mother and Yoon Sung is intently looking at his mother. Yoon Sung’s mother “Tell Yoon Sung to stop staring at me like that, he’s going to put a hole into me.” He finds out through his mother that the child is the son of a woman that worked for Target Number Four’s chemical factory.

Then, Yoon Sung’s mother gives the wedding ring she received from his father, telling him to give it to Nana and to be happy. Yoon Sung’s momma already knows that he is in love with her! She tells him liking somebody is a good thing.

Yoon Sung leaves the room and watches Nana as she is drowsing. Nana tells Yoon Sung that she will lay off the missions, but to ask for her help whenever he needs her.

YJ is at a hospital and he finally wakes up. YJ’s underling thinks that YJ was trying to commit suicide. YJ realizes that Target Number Four has tried to kill him. He also realizes that Yoon Sung has saved him.

YJ sees Yoon Sung and Nana at the hospital. Also, YJ realizes that Yoon Sung is probably the son of Lee Kyung Hee and PMY.

The president is at Target Number Three’s side, YJ sees him and the two meet at a Pojang Macha (Korean Drinking place, pojang actually means package or wrapped, and it describes how plastic covers up a small area. In many Korean movies/dramas you will see a pojang macha appear at least once! They also usually have delicious side drinks that go well with soju! Yum!) to have some soju. YJ is depressed because he should have made his father confess. The president tells him a story about when he was younger, explaining that confessing is difficult, also that missing the timing for confessing is extremely important

YJ goes back home and Sehee had prepared food for him at the apartment. The two talk and YJ says that he feels like an island. Sehee, “Fighting YJ, you aren’t an island, you are more like a bridge between people.”

The bald guy, Yoon Sung, and Nana are eating KFC for dinner. The bald guy tells Yoon Sung to give up on the vengeance plan. Yoon Sung says that he needs to go through with this in order to lead a normal life.

Yoon Sung is alone looking at the ring and says, “If I am still alive by then…”

Nana comes in and has brought a drink so that he is healthy. Nana tells him that she believes in him no matter what he does and is cheering him on. She also says, “You know, that I like you right?” Yoon Sung, “How could you say that like it’s nothing all the time.” Nana, “Liking somebody is not a bad thing.”

Nana, Nana’s partner, and Da Hae are in their room. Da Hae has taken a crazy amount of pictures of Yoon Sung. (Stalkerish much?) Nana is looking into the communications team door but Yoon Sung is not there.

Yoon Sung is watching Target Number Four and his bodyguard/assassin. He suddenly gets a text of his card usage, the bald guy purchased a grill worth $149. (HAHA I laughed out loud!)

Target Number Four is at the hospital with the mother from the hospital that has leukemia. Target Number Four is trying to dissuade the mother from making the incident into an industrial accident. Target Number Four offers a pretty sweet deal, for her son.

Target Number Four’s pretty secretary talks to Target Number Four, and she is berated for almost giving the list of chemicals used in the factory. He tears it apart, the son of the leukemia patient finds another coin but it is under Target Number Four’s foot. Target Number Four, “Mother and son are both like beggars…All of you are so cheap…”

The son is crying, “I’m not a beggar…” Yoon Sung picks up the coin. The boy has been collecting coins in order to buy his mother a gift. Yoon Sung starts to pick up the shredded pieces, and the boy says, “If you pick out stuff from the trash you are a real beggar!”

Yoon Sung returns home, asks the bald guy to piece together the shredded pieces.

Nana is in Yoon Sung’s room! She has framed the picture of them together. Yoon Sung tells Nana to get rid of it. Then, when Nana tries to see what Yoon Sung is doing, he tells her to buzz off as well. She is clearly upset. He thinks to himself about what JP has said, how difficult it is to protect everything around him.

But, Nana hasn’t left she is helping out the bald guy. Yoon Sung drags her out.

Yoon Sung tells Nana that he is sorry as they are walking. Nana picks up some foil and turns it into a ring. He receives a call saying that he can give a bone marrow transplant.

At the hospital the nurse gives Yoon Sung’s mother a radio to listen to music, it’s an old song and she is surprised. JP had brought the radio!

Nana is at Yoon Sung’s mother’s side. Nana tells Yoon Sung’s mother to be healthy. Yoon Sung’s mother also asks Nana if she hadn’t received a ring. Nana also has made it possible for Yoon Sung to sleep together with his mother. The two spend a memorable moment together, with his mother singing him a lullaby.

YJ meets with a person who graduated from the same middle school/high school with John Lee. (Yoon Sung’s American name.) But the real John Lee actually passed away in a car accident. YJ figures out that somebody from the triangle had bought out the real John Lee’s genealogy information.

Yoon Sung is getting dialysis but Nana has pieced together the pieces, and also researched about Target Number Four’s dirt. Nana, “Do I look prettier now that I did the things you should be doing?” Yoon Sung, “Didn’t I tell you to look in a mirror Dak Nana?” (Dak = Chicken, so Chicken Nana.) Nana, “Am I some kind of animal farm? You always call me a bear or a chicken.”

Da Hae is working at a café. Da Hae is trying to make money in order to buy a gift for her father the president. It seems like Da Hae has almost given up on college. The bald guy has arrived and tires to buy Nana’s partner some drinks, but all of the cards aren’t working. Ki Joon arrives and takes care of paying.

The bald guy is furious because the cards are all restricted. The two get into an argument and Yoon Sung tells the bald guy to write an account book.

Yoon Sung receives a call from Nana. The bald guy has arrived at Nana’s apartment.

The bald guy is acting like a baby and Yoon Sung agrees to let the bald guy to use the credit cards now. Nana, “Could you keep the domestic dispute’s at home?”

Nana and Yoon Sung are together at the hospital. Yoon Sung is leaning on Nana’s shoulder and Nana asks about life at the triangle. Yoon Sung, “Right now you’re looking at me with devious eyes, huh? You don’t miss any chances, do you?”

Nana ends up asking Yoon Sung why he doesn’t admit his feelings for her. Yoon Sung, “I can’t say the words that I like you, don’t expect that.” Nana, “It’s not because I really wanted to hear it…” She asks instead to be granted one wish in the winter.

Yoon Sung is off on his mission. He is collecting samples of the toxic chemicals. Right when we think he has succeeded the security guards arrive.

Yoon Sung is briefly exposed to the chemicals, but he escapes safely after beating all of them up.

He receives a call from Nana, but she is just telling him about what she wants to do at the end of the year.

After Yoon Sung hangs up, he needs some rest, because of the exposure to chemicals.

YJ was waiting for Yoon Sung. YJ, “The City Hunter sent me a clip, it seems like Target Number Four is trying to kill me. I’m thankful, he’s worried about the person chasing after him…” They continue to flirt with each other, Yoon Sung replying that he will tell the City Hunter that YJ is thankful. Right when Yoon Sung is about to leave YJ drops a bomb, “It seems like you are tired, have a good rest, Pu Chai” (Yoon Sung’s triangle name!)

KYA >_< A nice way to end this episode, YJ has finally found out about Yoon Sung’s past! 

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