Big Bang CD Contest Finalists [VOTE NOW]

The finalists have been chosen, we apologize for the delay but here are the 12 finalists.  Please read through all the entries before voting and supporting your fellow Soompiers.  We stuck to the strict guidlines that entries would have to be 100 words or less (excluding title), so unfortunatly some did not make it to the final round.  We had over 160 entries which were all amazing and fun to read, wow what talent you all have.  

The finalists for the Big Bang CD Writing Contest will be announced shortly as well, sorry for the delay just takes a long time to get through all the entries.

So here are the finalists, originally we said there would be 10 finalists but could only get the number down to 12.  Voting will end the 25th at 12:01AM PDT.  Please vote at the link below after you have read the entries.


The winner will receive a signed copy of the Big Bang 4th mini album.  The runner-up will receive the latest album (not sold in stores version), called “Big Bang Special Edition Album”.

VOTE HERE, only shows the first line of each entry (technical issue).

Here are all the original entries:


When pain tipped her heart of glass,
Time found no relief.
So many things had come to pass,
But she stayed true under the grief.

In the magical moonlit glow,
The burden was lifted by the air,
Against the winds of winter’s snow,
Her soul caught unaware.

With passion she was wrought,
A rebirth of inspiration,
Comfort from voices she sought,
Swirling mixed sensations.

In daylight the kings descend animated,
Enveloped in their aura,
Head to toe rosebuds decorated,
Fluttering wings of piercing aroma.

On a pillow of dreams,
Her longing for ecstasy.
Hands extending sunbeams,
Led her into eternity.



They will ALWAYS be MY HEAVEN.
They will never tell me LIES or TELL ME GOODBYE.
I wish that they’d ONLY LOOK AT ME, but then there are other V.I.PS.
When I’m WITH U HARU HARU it feels like LA LA LA HEAVEN.
And we’ll tell them BIG BANG haters WHAT IS RIGHT !!!



Help Me. 

She couldn’t breathe. She couldn’t speak. She couldn’t see. Everything was embraced in a cloak of darkness. She was numb. She couldn’t feel the tears that were streaming down her cheeks, she couldn’t feel the constant ache of her heart, she couldn’t feel her desire to reach out and grab their hands. She tries to run. She always did. She tries to run, but she always falls. Her knees and her legs are all scratched up and torn. She turns her head left to right. Suddenly, there was warmth. Gates open. Faithful hands reach out for her. Big Bang’s hands. 



Five men from six billion,
Five stars in infinite trillions,
Five idols in hundred millions.
No mere men they are, for they sculpted the dreams and inspirations of thousands with their struggles and passion.
No mere men they are, for they brought smiles and laughter to thousands more.
And Tonight, 
They lit my life. 



I don’t need 100 words.
A FAN loves BIG BANG for their SOUND and LOOKS.
I am the younger SISTER of BIG BANG.
No matter WHAT they do.
No matter how many TIMES they make MISTAKES
I LOVE them.
because they’re my FAMILY.
They TAUGHT me to be BRAVE, to be MYSELF, to take PRIDE in what I do
and that FAMILY can be ANYONE, ANYWHERE in this WORLD. 



Boom, boom, bass is starting.
           Can you feel it? Come, let’s dance.
Sway, sway, heart is pumping.
            I can be your night’s romance.
Closer, closer, whisper to me
            Bittersweet, heartbreak melody
Higher, louder, I want more
            Electric beats that tease my soul.
Slow down but keep it going
            Keep the adrenaline flowing.
Headphones off, I smile again.
            Replay, replay in my brain.
The last note has long lost its tune
            But your song won’t be ending soon
It started with that lonely song
            It’s been 5 years, yet you’re still strong.
I love you, Big Bang.




The happiness your presence brings
Can never compare to anything
The sorrow that I feel inside
Can go away with just one smile

You’re one of the greatest gifts
I have ever received
One of the sweetest sins
I can ever commit

You’re a fantasy
I wish I can turn into reality
You’re like the sun
That can make my world shine

GD, TOP, Daesung, Taeyang and Seungri
You are the reason I smile everyday
And there’s just one thing I wanna say…

 “i love you”
“Big Bang ’til the end of time”



The creation of the universe
or so it is said to be
from a point of singularity
broke its bonds, became free
unfurling golden wings to soar into eternity.
What a fitting analogy this happens to be.

Bigbang together complement each other
like a group of stars form a beautiful constellation,
BIGBANG forms a family sharing one unbreakeable bond.

GDragon, boundless confidence but needs protection
TOP, simple yet complicated beautiful man
Daesung, eversmiling angel
Taeyang, innocent passionate man
Seungri, definitely Strong Baby.

One language alone cannot express this.
Which is why music transcends all language.




I was broken, I was torn deeply that I can’t move on. A smile robbed, happiness lost and sadness was born.
Then came a group of five and some talented men, who truly rocked my world and made me smile again.
The hot Taeyang who lights my path, the voice Daesung who gives goose bumps. The cute Seungri who makes me smile, the sexy TOP who makes me “high”.
But the man who really captured my heart like a dragon in a fierce fight, was GDragon in shine a light and back the smile that once was mine.



“Big Bang showed me a new world which is, beautiful– like them.

A sun, shines on this world, brightening my day, fulfilling my needs, a beautiful Taeyang.

 There came a moon with a face on it, chubby, cheeky, restless & calm at once, Jiyoung.

Pure and amazing like water, his shimmering smile and his soothing voice, Daesung is who we need.

My misunderstood star reaching the T.O.P of the skies, never looking back and shining.

A fresh breeze  to calm this world down, Seungri victoriously bringing this world to life with his energetic and mischievous self.

This is my universe” 



“The True Definition”

Harmonious vocals flowing through captivating melodies,
Heart-pounding beats that take over your whole body,
Spoken lyrics delivered with precise, rhythmic tact,
Dance moves fueled by inner drive and never held back,
Heartfelt smiles displayed by humble souls,
Joyful laughter via YouTube direct from Seoul,
Five men radiating their talent from within,
A brotherhood that continually strengthens,
Hard work evolved into a dream come true,
Gratitude that is always expressed towards me and you,
All of these define the phenomenon known as BIGBANG,
And once you hear them, your world will never be the same.



GD ,you’re the girl’s desire
When you perform on stage, my world’s on fire
It’s a talent and skill which made me admire

Next up Mr. T.O.P., 
Overflowing with that swagger, you’re the best for me
Be it on acting or singing, I think my heart can’t stop beating

TAEYANG, baby you are my sun
Sweet voice, hot body
Will you teach me to dance?

“S” stands for VICTORY
You’re a grownup now, I’m a VVIP
How come each day you bloom beautifully?

A smile so bright
A voice so high, boy you’re my D-LITE!
You’re handsome, don’t be shy

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