So Hee Celebrates Her Birthday With Nylon Korea

The Wonder Girls’ member Sohee recently turned 20. A young lady who has traveled all over the world is being celebrated in her home country, Korea. The popular style magazine featuring idols on a regular basis….made this one particular issue all about Sohee. The girls took a step back and let her enjoy her road to adulthood through Nylon.

Check the tweet from the Wonder Girls’ offical twitter account: 

“NYLON Korea recently celebrated Sohee’s 20th B-day! Check it out~ Sohee will also be featured on an issue coming soon~!”

What were the Wonderfuls responses to grown-up Sohee? 

@mag_nylon @WGsohee daebak…sohee is sooo cute!!!” – @lailangd

“can’t believe this girl was 20 already ^^, she’s too cute… no wonder why Heechul loves her so much” – PikeYenny4

“AH! I wish it was longer! ahn sohee is so pretty(: shes becoming a beautiful and mature adult! i hope GD sees this.♥” – Ohmahjenny

Credit: @followWG, @WGsohee, @WGYenny and NylonTvKorea

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