KBS on JYJ: "We Considered Just What Was Effective"

KBS Jeju has explained why JYJ‘s appearance on the upcoming special live broadcast, “Jeju 7 Wonders“, was cancelled, and why f(x) and SNSD are now taking the trio’s place.

Yesterday, July 16th, C-Jes Entertainment announced that JYJ, honorary ambassadors for Jeju’s N7W campaign, had been pulled out of the show, but were unaware of the reason for the move. They were apparently looking in to the matter.

According to a member of KBS’ production staff in a recent press interview, “We were propelling the appearance of SNSD and f(x) from before but they failed to fall through due to scheduling problems. But at the end of the preparation stages for the broadcast, they said that they could appear. In viewing the program as a whole, we considered just what was effective.”

KBS has also stated that, as of the 17th, they have formally apologized to JYJ and their agency. However, JYJ’s management has denied these claims. “(As of the 17th) We have not received an official apology from KBS Jeju in any form. The only thing that we heard from the production affiliates regarding this situation was that a person on the field telephoning to say ‘sorry’ before we (C-JeS) released our official position.”

The issue has affected not only KBS and JYJ, but also Jeju’s local government. According to them, there have been protests on their online bulletin board, and they worry about the negative effects this can potentially have with regards to the voting for Jeju in its bid to be named one of the Seven Wonders of the World. 

It is also unclear to C-Jes if JYJ will still be officially and publicly appointed as honorary ambassadors for Jeju as previously planned. “Originally we heard that the appointment ceremony as honorary ambassadors will be held on the 20th, matching the schedule of the performances on the 20th. But as the schedule is entirely cancelled, we do not know what will happen to the appointment ceremony either.”

Source: Star News, MyDaily, Chosun, JYJ3

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