Kim Sun Ah Ate Only One Meal a Day While Filming Her Upcoming Drama

Kim Sun Ah stars in the SBS’s upcoming drama “Scent of a Woman.” She plays the role of a woman who, after being diagnosed with a terminal illness, decides to liver her life to the fullest.  To better portray her role, Kim Sun Ah partook in a rigorous diet, only eating one meal per day. Along with her diet, she only slept for about two hours a night. 

At a production meeting, Kim Sun Ah said that such a diet and sleep schedule was a painful experience, as well as explaining why she decided to go to such measures for the drama. “In the drama, my role is terminally ill. When you’re ill, weight loss will occur.” 

Kim Sun Ah maintained this diet for four months, saying she “wanted to stick to the role.”

While I admire her dedication to the role, I hope she doesn’t strain herself too hard with such a strenuous schedule.

“Scent of a Woman” will air Saturdays and Sundays staring July 23, 2011.

Check out the trailer below (sorry no subs!):



Source: Nate

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