Fans Infuriated by 19+ Rating Given to BEAST's "On Rainy Days"

Recently, the Ministry of Gender Equality and Family (MOGEF) released their latest list of songs they categorized as hazardous media. One of these songs was BEAST‘s “On Rainy Days.” As a result, “On Rainy Days” can no longer be downloaded from music websites without adult verification.

“On Rainy Days” was given the 19+ rating due to the lyrics “I must be drunk. I think I need to stop drinking,” due to the reasoning that the lyrics encouraged drinking in youth. Songs are labeled as hazardous if they contain lyrics about smoking, drinking, etc. BEAST fans, however, have exploded with complaints. 

Fans and netizens alike have commented, “MOGEF’s criteria for categorizing hazardous media is ambiguous” and “According MOGEF’s standards, artists are going to have to sing children’s songs.” 

MOGEF responded to the complaints on their me2day saying, “The decision was made according to specific details mentioned in Article Ten, Section Seven of the Youth Protection Act regarding the efficacy of harmful drugs.”

Many are saying, “The song passed the criteria for all three broadcasting systems. I don’t know what standard MOGEF is using,” “Dismantle the MOGEF that works uselessly and wastes tax money,” “If they are truly saying those lyrics are hazardous to youth, there is no answer,” and more along a similar vein.

Also, over 9,000 BEAST fans are currently petitioning on a Daum agora saying, “Protect BEAST’s precious first album,” “MOGEF tacked on the 19+ rating arbitrarily,” and “You can’t just say call a song hazardous to youth” on MOGEF’s me2day, as well on online boards.

BEAST member Yoseob also responded to the rating on his Twitter saying, “I plan to sing children’s songs from now on,” expressing his frustration.
Along with BEAST’s “On Rainy Days,” Baek Jiyoung‘s “I Can Drink,” Jay Park‘s “Don’t Let Go,” After School‘s “Funky Man,” and Heo Young Saeng‘s “Out the Club” were given 19+ ratings.

Soompiers, what are your opinions on MOGEF’s list?

Source: JKN | Yoseob’s Twitter

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