Kara Criticized for Washing Hands Immediately after Handshake Event

Japanese press “News Post Seven” (the same paper that claimed SNSD’s “Genie” could increase one’s chances of winning the lottery) reported an interview it had with a 30-something year old woman expressing her disappointment with Kara by the way the members washed their hands immediately after a recent handshake event. 

The said woman stated, “At the time, I could see Kara’s members wiping their hands with hand wipes through the crack of the door immediately after the handshake event. As soon as the fans left, staff distributed the wipes.” She continued, “Although washing your hands is a given, I feel as though it would have been better had they waited until fans couldn’t see them completely.”

Meanwhile, there have been an interesting slew of comments in response to the article on an online community board. Netizens have said, “This article lacks reliability,” “Articles like this seem to come up regularly. Is there some sort of template that’s used?”, “The explanation of the situation is strange. It seems as though it was written by someone who didn’t go to the handshake event,” and “There are a surprising number of articles criticizing Kara.”

There were also those who agreed with the article and expressed their consensus by saying, “[Kara] lacks professionalism,” “From a fan’s perspective, it definitely is an unwanted scene.” Still, there were those who responded to such criticisms saying, “Let them at least wash their hands” and “Washing your hands after a handshake event is a given.”

Some went on to reproach the 30-year old fan saying, “I don’t think she has personal hygiene,” “To think she found fault with something she saw through slight opening,” “She didn’t go home after the event and peaked in. I think she’s a stalker,” “Even if you see something like that through a door crack, pretending you didn’t see it is the proper manner,” and “This is the schema of a girlfriend looking through her boyfriend’s phone and yelling at him.”

One netizen also stated,“Idols shake their hands even with fans who have skin diseases. Asking them to wait to wash their hands is too much.”

Soompiers, are you disappointed in Kara? Or is the woman overreacting?

Source: Xports News 

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