Weekly Box Office Report: Third Week of July

Weekly Box Office Report: Third Week of July



Korean Movies:

1. Sunny: Revenue) $1.3 Million, Total Viewers: 6,927,246

2. The Cat: Two Eyes That See Death: Revenue) $0.9 Million, Total Viewers: 594,514

3. The Front Line: Revenue) $0.5 Million, Total Viewers: 70,724

4. Quick: Revenue) $0.4 Million, Total Viewers: 58,449

5. Poongsan: Revenue) $0.1 Million, Total Viewers: 697,686

6. White: The Cursed Melody: Revenue) $47 Thousand, Total Viewers: 786,280

7. Leafie, a Hen Into the Wild: Revenue) $32 Thousand, Total Viewers: 21,426

8. Dream of a Memorable Day: Revenue) $16 Thousand, Total Viewers: 41,087

9. Play: Revenue) $3 Thousand, Total Viewers: 9,601

10. The Shower: Revenue) $148, Total Viewers: 870

*Revenue is over the weekend and is approximate


Featured Film of the Week: Cats (Two Eyes That See Death)

Cats: Two Eyes That See Death” is Park Min Young’s first go at a film and it is a horror film at that!

“So Yeon” (Played by Park Min Young) works as pet groomer in an animal shop. One day one of her customer passes away on the elevator, leaving behind a cat named “Silky” behind. The police start their investigation and ask So Yeon to look after Silky. After she brings Silky home strange incident begins to affect her.

During her sleep she starts having nightmares and meets a little girl called Hui Jin (Played by Kim Ye Ron), who keeps coming back to haunt her. She decides to investigate the mystery of the cat and also her ex-boyfriend “Jun Seok” (Played by Kim Dong Wook), who happens also to pass away suddenly after getting a new cat.

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