Mnet M! Countdown! 07.28.2011

miss A‘s “Goodbye Baby” was named the “Song Of The Week on M Countdown. The girls can “Breathe” a sigh of relief with their new single. Say As have completely fallen in love with the break-up track. 

Comebacks/ Debuts: Infinite and Teen Top return with the sweet smell of success, while BoM debuted with their longing song of love. Boyfriend brought their new single “You and I” to the stage as a follow-up track to their previous “Boyfriend” favorite. 

The following artists glistened with musical radiance on the Mnet stage today:T-Ara, MBLAQ, HyunA, Jang Woo Hyuk, The Grace- Dana & Sunday, Homme, Z:EA, Min Kyung Hoon, GP Basic, CHI CHI, Witches, and J.

miss A’s winning moment 

Jang Woo Hyuk – Weekend Night (Goodbye Stage)

miss A – Goodbye Baby

J – Superstar

MBLAQ – Mona Lisa

Infinite – Amazing and Be Mine 

GP Basic – Jelly Pop

HyunA – Bubble Pop

Boyfriend – You & I

Teen Top – Beautiful Girl and No More Perfume On You

BoM – Without You

Z:EA – Heart For You

The Grace (Dana & Sunday) – One More Chance

T-Ara – Roly Poly

Credits: @MnetMCountdown, yt cr: CrazyCarrotExtra2 and LooriWoori

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