KBS Music Bank 07.29.2011

2PM‘s “Hands Up” took the number one spot on the K-chart for the fourth time in a row last week.

Miss A’s “Goodbye Baby” ranked number one on the K-Chart today. This is the second time this week the girls song about heartbreak has tugged at the heartstrings of music lovers. They must have pulled in the right direction because this single is on its way to being a bonafide hit.
Infinite, Homme, Teen Top, NS Yoon Ji, Brave Girls, and Piggy Dolls made their comebacks today. One could easily miss their sweet smell of soothing music. Summer just got a little more sugary! Former “Fly To The Sky” member Hwanhee returned with a more somber tune. Z:EA brought their follow up track “Heart for 2” to the music table.
The following artists lite up the stage with their performances: HyunA, MBLAQ, Yiseonjeong Band, HITT, Rumble Fish, Block B, Can, J, Mighty Mouth, The Grace (Dana & Sunday) and T-ara.


miss A’s winning moment

T-ara’s – Roly Poly 

MBLAQ – Mona Lisa

miss A – Love Alone and Goodbye Baby

HyunA – Bubble Pop

Infinite – Amazing and Be Mine

Homme – Man Should Laugh

Hwanhee – Love Pain

The Grace (Dana & Sunday) – One More Chance

Z:EA – Heart For 2

Mighty Mouth ft. Soya – Fiesta

J – Superstar

“No More Perfume On You”, Teen Top! (plus “Beautiful Girl)

Can – To My Dazzling Girl

N S Yoon Ji, where have you been? “I Miss You” (This song featuring SangChu is also known as “Wanna See You Again”)

Block B – Go And Tell

Brave Girls – Why So Often

Piggy Dolls want the truth! Do you “Know Her”? (aka “The Girl I Know”)

HITT – Good Night

Infinite and miss A backstage

Credits: ETO, BNT News, TV Daily and yt cr: UnknownCarrot170 

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