Daniel Henney Shares Vacation Photo with Mango in Los Angeles

Daniel Henney has been busy this summer filming for his upcoming comedy film “Americantown.” Starring two expatriate Chinese Americans, Daniel and his co-star have spent a few months filming in Shanghai, and wrapping up in New York City. 

Now the actor is resting in his hometown of Los Angeles, and has shared a photo of him with his dog Mango on vacation!

His caption reads, “Hey all….Just checking in…..Spending a couple relaxing weeks in LA. Back to Asia soon…..Spending a ton of time hiking with Mango! Relaxation is amazing:)

He also uploaded a black and white version of the photo with a similar caption and hoping his fans are doing well. 

We wish Daniel Henney a splendid vacation with family and Mango before he heads back to work!

cr: Daniel Henney