The Wonder Girls Squash Rumors of Upcoming New York Performance

Following the recent news that the Wonder Girls were suppose to perform at a New York Met’s game later this month, their agency, JYP Entertainment, announced today that they are not scheduled to perform.

Despite this unfortunate semi-solo performance brief, their agency announced some great news for all the diehard Wonderfuls out there… they will be making their comeback. Will it be in Korea or the USA? Read the official announcement from JYPE below:

“We wanted to officially clarify the circulating news that the Wonder Girls will be performing at the NY Mets game on Friday, August 26th, 2011.

Unfortunately, Wonder Girls are not scheduled to be at the Mets game. In addition, the Wonder Girls’ new song release will officially be announced by JYP Entertainment through all official Wonder Girls websites (, WG Facebook & @FollowWG Twitter) when the official date is determined……”

Click here to read the entire announcement 

While you put your Mets tickets away… which country do you think the girls will choose to debut their new song first?

Credits: @followWG and Wonder Girls Official Website