Kara Tops the Ranking of “My Favorite K-Pop Artist” in Japan

Mobile site Recochoku recently conducted a survey on the topic of “Who is your favorite K-Pop artist?” and the result revealed that Kara is the K-Pop star who is currently receiving the most popularity in Japan. A total of 4,471 users participated in the survey and the result has been revealed as follow:

1st – Kara

2nd – SNSD

3rd – FT Island

4th – Big Bang

5th – BEAST

With the most votes from users, Kara ranks 1st in the ranking. Voters commented, “Their cute and unique dance makes me happy; I’ll never get tired of watching them.” “Each member has their own personality and different kind of cuteness.” “They speak Japanese really well, because they’ve worked so hard.” It appears that the girls are garnering more popularity through appearing on TV program with their cute and kind personalities.

On the other hand, girls of SNSD ranks 2nd with voters commenting, “Their beautiful legs are every girl’s dream.” “I like their powerful dance with their beautiful legs.” “Beautiful girls! Beautiful legs! Beautiful voices! They are just all too beautiful.” Just like what the comments said, the girls’ signature, their beautiful legs, are winning lots of teenage girls’ hearts in Japan.

The 3rd goes to FT Island who is currently one of the most popular boy groups in Japan. “All members are Ikemen (beautiful looking men) with real talents in music.” “Their vocal talent and band performance are both outstanding.” Among K-Pop groups who have already debuted in Japan, FT Island is one of the very few stresses on their live band performance ability, in addition, because of member Lee Hong Ki’s role in drama “You’re Beautiful”, the group owns a great amount of female fans in Japan.

Source: Barks