Blast From the Past: CB Mass and Dynamic Duo

Back in the day I was a big Korean hip hop fan with CB Mass (Now Dynamic Duo minus Curbin) as one of my favorite groups. As reported before, Dynamic Duo has returned from their military service. 

I wanted to write an article chronicling the journey of Choiza and Gaeko who are the current members of Dynamic Duo. (Because it is quite interesting!)

Choiza and Gaeko met in 6th grade and when they grew up, they were part of an underground hip hop group KOD along with Sixpoint and ZASON.  

When KOD disbanded, Choiza and Gaeko met Curbin and created a new group called CB Mass. The group debuted in 2000 and released a CD to moderate success.

(Now here comes the drama and interesting story)

Curbin was dating either Lee Hyori or Bada from S.E.S. (Still inconclusive because there are only rumors and conflicting reports.) Now Curbin was the oldest of CB Mass and he took care of all the money. (He was also the producer) Curbin was caught stealing all the profit from the second album for himself. CB Mass broke up because of that incident in 2003.

Besides whether Curbin dated Lee Hyori or Bada, this is all confirmed information. Also, the lyrics for the song “Candy” by Brown Eyed Soul which features Dynamic Duo bashes Curbin and his meeting a “gold digger” named “Tina” who takes all of his money away.

In December 2003, Dynamic Duo was formed as Gaeko and Choiza decided to go at it, just the two of them. Dynamic Duo has been highly successful releasing many hits. They also work frequently with Brown Eyed Soul, and also are “mentors” for the hip hop duo Supreme Team. (Which has Simon D in it)

I definitely look forward to seeing Dynamic Duo come back to the music scene again, brining fresh new hip hop tracks! 

From their 2nd album, MassMatics (2001)

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