PD Na Young Seok to Also Leave 1 Night 2 Days?

I hate to say it, but it’s gettin’ worse, people. Straight on the heels of MC Kang Ho Dong‘s announcement that he might leave hit variety program “1 Night 2 Days,” producer-director Na Young Seok (Na PD) has also given notice that he plans to leave the show. Okay, I’m trying not to become a blubbering mess here. But did someone piss off the universe or something? Because this is JUST WRONG.

Na PD has reportedly put in a transfer notice to leave KBS in the fall, and join his fellow old-school “1 Night 2 Days” PDs Lee Myung Han and Lee Dong Hee over at cable network CJ E&M (they own Mnet, TvN). Apparently CJ E&M has been wooing Na PD for some time now, which makes sense of course, given that his comrades have already jumped ship. This puts Na PD in the same situation as Kang Ho Dong, basically having given notice, and sitting at the negotiating table with KBS.

(PDs, more specifically variety PDs, work for a network and often produce multiple shows at once, so they’re more like a stable of directors that work for a large company. This is how dramas used to work in the old days too, but now scripted shows are more often produced independently by outside production companies and then bought for distribution. Not so with variety, which means that a variety PD job is much like being a salaried employee at any large company.)

At the same time, rumors of Kang Ho Song’s possible move to cable network jTBC have also surfaced. So basically, what you’re telling me is that cable is trying to take over the world. Okay, I’m being melodramatic. But it’s hard not to hate cable when it’s breaking up my favorite tv brotherhood. If you’re poaching them, can’t you just poach them ALL and make a new show, called 2 Nights 3 Days?

For now we just hope and wait, because nothing has been decided and nothing is set in stone. Filming for 1N2D commenced as usual today, and Kang Ho Dong finally released an official statement while arriving on set (below): “I haven’t decided anything yet. The 1N2D producers and I are discussing many things sincerely and seriously. I will announce the decision as soon as it’s reached.” He is of course the consummate professional, and added, “Today’s shoot is the Viewers’ Training Camp. I’ll focus on the shoot and do well. I’ll work hard. Thank you.”

Am trying to think happy thoughts. But sadly, without Kang Ho Dong or Na PD, there IS no “1 Night 2 Days.” *WAIL* I need a hug. If there was ever a time to call in a favor with the powers that be, this is it.

Via Star News, 10 Asia, Sports Chosun

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