New Albums and Singles Preview – 2011 August Week 2

Koyote – Good Good Han Koyote (August 18)

01 If You Don’t Like It Now
02 Good Good Time
03 Let’s Get Together
04 Let It Try
05 If You Don’t Like It Now INST
06 Good Good Time INST

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Koyote makes a comeback with all of its members this month with a mini-album, “Good Good Han Koyote”. There are a total of four new songs with the title track being “Good Good Time”. It is a an exciting number with house rhythm and electronic sounds. “Good Good Time” was composed, penned, and arranged by rookie composing team, “Our Hyung and Little Sibling”.


Jaurim – Conspiracy (August 18)

01 Happy Day
02 Idol
03 EV1
04 In a Dream
05 Peep Show
06 Red Rain
07 Not Alone
08 ?? (Annoyed)
09 From: Me@ Iwaswrong.Com To: You@Aremy.Net
10 Peter’s Song
11 Snowdrop

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Jaurim makes a comeback after three years since their last full-length album with their eighth album, “Conspiracy”. The album consists of eleven songs that hold lyrics about controversial events. Two songs, “EV1” and “Peep Show” have already been pre-released as a digital single last week. Japanese engineer, Yoshimura Kenichi took part in the recording and mixing of this album. Fans of Jaurim will be able to hear different styles in this album as shown through hints of classic and electronic in a couple of these songs.


Girl’s Day (single) – Honey Honey (released)


01 Honey Honey
02 Honey Honey INST

Girl’s Day takes part in the soundtrack for the daily drama series, “The Women of Our Home” with the song, “Honey Honey”. The song was composed by top composer, Gaemi and will be used as the main theme song for the show. The song depicts the growth and development of love among adolescent girls.


Seo In Gook (single) – Shake It Up (released)

01 Shake It Up!

Seo In Gook makes a 360 degree transformation with his latest digital single, “Shake It Up”, a dance number reminiscent of the music style popular in the 90’s and 2000. The song was composed by American composer Drew Ryan Scott and produced by Hwang Se Jun, who is known for arranging many of veteran singer, Jang Hye Jin’s gem-like songs.


Mighty Mouth (single) – Racing Queen (released)

01 Racing Queen
02 Racing Queen INST

Hip-hop duo, Mighty Mouth releases a new single, “Racing Queen” which will be used as the theme song for season two of “Extreme Survival: Racing Queen” on the Korean channel, XTM. The song was composed by Sinsadong Tiger and has powerful beats and electronic sounds. The witty lyrics and the members’ rap skills are expected to blow away listeners.


Kim Bum Soo, Park Jung Hyun (single) – Hwang Project Vol. 2 (released)

01 Person, Love

Korea’s top singers, Kim Bum Soo and Park Jung Hyun (Lena Park) come together to take part in a duet ballad number, “Person, Love” for Hwang Project’s second volume. (Hwang Project consists of three composers, Hwang Se Jun, Hwang Sung Je, and Hwang Chan Hee.) This beautiful piece holds lyrics about lovers promising to protect one another for eternity.


December/J-Cera (single) – Love Harmony (released)

01 Cry With the Heart (feat. Eileen, Yunmi)
02 Cry With the Heart INST

R&B, ballad vocal duo, December and ballad diva J-Cera join hands for duet single, “Cry With the Heart”. The song is about love, breakup, and the feelings felt through these events. The singers’ powerful vocals help bring out such emotions. Rookie artists Eileen and Yunmi also take part in the song along with a fifteen-member string orchestra.


Other Releases:
Super 8Beat – Boy ‘n’ Girl (released)
Romantic Punch – Mini-Album 2: It’s Yummy (released)
Rubber Duckie – Ugly Duckling Story (August 17)
SNSD – Into the New World: The 1st Asia Tour DVD (August 17)
Kim Chang Won Band – Darn It (August 18)
Rhy Band – Sound Protector Hz (August 18)
Zion – Beautiful Life (August 18)
Trampauline – This is Why We Are Falling For (August 18)

Sources: Kyobobook, YesAsia, Naver, Hanteo

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