Super Junior and Jay Park Greet Boom at Military Discharge Ceremony

Boom was officially discharged from Korean military service on August 22nd. And to celebrate the occasion, Super Junior’s Lee Teuk, Eun Hyuk, and Shin Dong, as well as Jay Park all made it to the discharge ceremony held in front of the Ministry of National Defense.

Although it was early in the morning, all four celebrities made it on time to the ministry to greet Boom and celebrate his completion of the two year mandatory military service. Their presence was met with quite a surprise because you rarely see celebrities come out to greet someone get discharged from military, unless you have personal or special ties with that person (but it’s common to see celebrities come and bid farewell to fellow stars on the enlistment day).

Super Junior’s relationship with Boom goes back to 2009. They were starring in SBS “Strong Heart” at the time and had their weekly segment called “Boom Academy,” featuring Boom, Lee Teuk, and Eun Hyuk. “Boom Academy” later earned them the “Best Rookie Award: Variety Show” at the 2009 SBS TV Show Awards. And later that year, Lee Teuk and Eun Hyuk shed tears at Boom’s enlistment ceremony, showing their close friendship.

For Jay Park, Boom was one of the strongest supporters when he went through the controversy in 2009 involving his MySpace comments. Boom was one of the very few celebrities who openly voiced his support for Jay Park when he withdrew from 2PM, as he wrote on his personal home page, “My heart is shattered right now because he’s a brother I truly love. I trust my brother and love him so much, so I believe he will come back stronger after this ordeal. Today, my heart just hurts so bad. Jaebum (Jay’s Korean name), I will do my best and work harder to greet you with a warm heart when you come back. Hope you return healthy. I love you.”

Meanwhile, Boom is expected to immediately return to the industry. He’s scheduled to return to SBS “Strong Heart” soon and will start hosting SBS radio “Young Street” from September 1st.

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