Alexander Expresses His Disapproval of Mini Shorts

If you love the “hot pants” attire that many girl bands wear, you better not wear it around Alexander Eusebio! Unless, “you look good in it”. What am I talking about? Mini Shorts! You know what I’m referring to… the shorts that are so short that they resemble panties rather than actual clothes. Well, the former U-KISS member tweeted his disapproval with ladies’ choice of wardrobe of the summer. Check out his tweets below: 

“So…. I was walking in the street n saw girls wearing REALLY short pants… soooo SHORT that I wonder why they even wear one… Short shorts aren’t that bad~ Some ppl look good in it~ But it looks horrible when it’s over-short, flipping up like an underwear~ “

I cannot say I don’t agree. Shorts are shooting to a whole new level these days. What do you think about this wardrobe malfunction?