New Albums And Singles Preview – 2011 August Week 4

Davichi mini-album Vol. 3 – Love Delight (September 1)

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1. Don’t Say Goodbye
2. Love My Love
3. Don’t Look For Me
4. Happy End
5. Secret
6. Don’t Say Goodbye (inst.)

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The harmonious duo Davichi is back with their third mini-album ‘Love Delight.’ This album proudly presents “Don’t Say Goodbye” written by Jun Hye Sung as well as “Love My Love” by Kim Ki Bum and Kang Ji Won. As a first, Kang Min Kyoung produced the song ‘”Secret”. In total, the album contains 6 tracks. The title track “Don’t Say Goodbye” has modern instruments and piano in medium tempo. The song emphasizes Lee Hye Ri’s emotional yet powerful vocals while matching Kang Min Kyoung’s soulful voice. The song is about saying goodbye to a lover in Davichi’s own colors.

U-Kiss Vol. 2 – Neverland
(September 2)

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1. Intro
2. Neverland

3. Baby Don’T Cry
4. Someday
5. Take Me Away
6. On The Floor
7. Friend’s Love
8. April Story
9. Obsession
10. Top That
11. Tell Me Y
12. Let’s Meet Again (with Paran)

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Dreaming of world fame with hit beats and rhythm, U-KISS is back to show the fans what they’re about with their title track “NEVERLAND.” In contrast to the trend in autotune, the vocals were recorded one by one with the melody to show off the band’s singing ability. This track was produced by global team Marcan Entertainment with conductor Ryan Jhun as well as sound designer Adam Kapit and JD Relic and composer Misfit. Ryan Jhun is famous for his work with TVXQ, Lee Hyo Ri, Super Junior, Shinee and F(x). The album Neverland has so many great songs that it’s a wonder as to which track will be a hit.


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