Celeb Style File: Kim Hee Chul

Welcome back to Soompi’s Celeb Style File. This time we have a special Before and After Debut edition in which we are going to show you how artists have evolved throughout the years! From looks before debut and looks after their debut, we will see how much they all have changed up to today.

For the first edition of “Before and After Debut”, I have decided to dedicate this article to K-Pop’s beloved Kim Hee Chul who enlisted in the army on September 1. We wanted to review his changes now that we will no longer see him in the entertainment scene for two years. Join us and check all his looks and changes from the beginning until today. Let’s begin!

To start, how about showing how much he has changed since he was a kid and became a teenager? Doesn’t he look cute here?

Now that we saw some of his styles before his debut, how about we review his changes during his trainee days and his evolution after his debut? This photo is from one of the commercials for Otuggi Spaguetti, he and fellow Super Junior member Kibum participated on. What we noticed is that Hee Chul loves having long hair and it is a style we will see him continously carrying on in some photos through the years.

Here’s the video for the Otuggi Spaguetti commercial.


Now, let’s see his hair styles by colors.

Does anyone remember this? Hee Chul with his signature red, fire-like hair style which was so distinct of him during his “Don’t Don” era in 2007. No one could ever mistake him with any other artist. He definitely pulls off a hair style like that!

And how about blonde? When he portrayed Gong Min in the drama “Bad Family” back in 2006.

Doesn’t he look so cool with blond hair?

Which hair color do you think suits him better? Personally I think he can rock any color he wants. He can even have his hair done with purple color (I wonder how would he look though haha) and still he would look amazing!. Now, check him out with short hair! Why so serious Mr. Kim?

Finally, here are some compilations of styles since Super Junior’s Sorry Sorry promotions, until today. Hee Chul remains stunning as he portrays any style he wants! From a rockstar style like he had in Sorry Sorry days, or a normal style with red hair and bangs like he had in Bonamana. How about the perm he had to promote Super Junior’s last album, Mr. Simple? Or the mustache he tried to have? He even dressed himself up as the greatest Lady Hee. Heechul tries any style he wants and does not have regrets of it.


Last but not least, here are two pictures of Hee Chul the day before he joined the army. As some of his fellow members told, Hee Chul looks handsome even with shaved head. Is there any style in this world not suitable for him? (I would think that the answer is no). As some fans say, he can have any style done on him because he is just Hee Chul. We wish him luck over his two year long military journey and to stay safe!

And that’s all for this first edition of Celeb Style File: Before and After Debut. Did you like it? Did you hate it? (please no T_T) Do you have any artist you wants us to cover? Let us know in the comment box below! We will see you next week with the second edition of this new editorial!

Big thank you to heechulpetals, heechulfacts and heecat for the pics!

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