Kim Soo Mi Criticizes Japanese News Reporter

Actress Kim Soo Mi is receiving a lot of attention for what she said about the island Dokdo.

On the afternoon of August 31 in Seoul Coex, there was a movie premiere named “Family’s Glory 4: Family’s Suffering” which Kim attended. She revealed an episode of her in the movie.

Kim said, “There was an interview about the last part with a Japanese broadcasting company, and I corrected his pronunciation of saying ‘kimuchi’ to ‘kimchi.’”

She continued with saying, “As I get older and older, I feel that Japan is such a far away country. Because of the recent Dokdo problem, I was feeling a bit uneasy and irritable so I spilled all my energy into the last scene.” 

Korea and Japan are known for being in bad relations, all of which have been made worse by the Dokdo problem. Majority of the records say that it belongs to Korea, with only a few saying it belongs to Japan. Since it is a ringlet from Korea’s small island Ulleung-do, the Korean people believe that it belongs to Korea and criticize the Japanese government for coming to Dokdo and harassing fishermen there.

What do you think about this issue?