Kim Tae Hee Flaunts Alluring Backless Dress for High Cut Magazine

Kim Tae Hee’s photo shoot from an expensive mansion in Paris have been released. These photos will be available through “High Cut,” a Korean fashion magazine.

This photo shoot, taken in Paris, France, was sponsored by Cartier. These photos are unique in the fact that Kim metamorphosed from her usual innocent and conservative look. Instead, she wore revealing leather dresses and posed boldly.

These varieties of oriental-feeling jewelry from the Trinity Collection from Cartier jewelry enhance Kim’s radiating beauty. 

In an interview afterwards, she tells about her beginning acting days and said “Working on five pieces at the same time was really difficult. If I behaved myself differently, I feel like I could have done a better job in recreating the characters. However, I was afraid of emotional pain and didn’t try my hardest. I regret it a little bit.”

You can find the additional photos at highcut online at High Cut’s homepage.