Shin Eun Kyung’s Jaw Line Surgery: "I Was Horrified at Myself"

Actress Shin Eun Kyung revealed her thoughts after her jaw line surgery.

On August 31, on SBS “One Night’s TV Entertainment,” Shin Eun Kyung was interviewed about her jaw line surgery. She received a tremendous amount of attention after having the procedure done.

She told the interviewer, “At first, I looked in the mirror. I was horrified at myself. ‘What should I do?’ I thought.” She continued on with, “It was so stressful and energy-draining the past few days. I received the full-body anesthesia, and usually, people are supposed to be extremely tired afterward. However, I moved around as if I had not gotten any anesthesia at all. I had too many thoughts to be just staying still.”

Shin had to go through a lot of tough times such as losing her vision on one of her eyes, a painful divorce, and her son’s shocking hydrocephalus diagnosis.

She then expressed her painful feelings: “It was definitely the most difficult when my son was ill. However, I overcame it well, and now that I think about it, a lot of people would probably never know what kind of pain I went through. ”

“With a life full of troubles, I have always had on myself an angry expression. However, right now, I’m going to start to smile. In my whole life, it was the first time that I’ve devoted the past two months to myself. I’ve debuted at 13 and worked for 27 years. The two recent months dedicated to myself have been a blessing for me. “

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