Mina’s Sexy Younger Sister to Debut as Nikita

Singer Mina‘s younger sister Shim Sung Mi (33) is debuting as a singer tomorrow.

Debuting under the stage name Nikita, she has completed her digital single album “Deep Kiss” and is debuting officially on September 2. This July, Nikita was featured in her sister’s album, “Toy Boy,” and became a hot topic due to her beautiful appearance.

Nikita’s new song, “Deep Kiss,” has an urban hip hop beat with acoustic guitar’s melody blended in well together. The song is about a girl’s feelings towards seeing her boyfriend cheat, kissing another girl. Nikita’s unique rap style along with Little S’s featuring with husky voice, guitarist Jung Jae Pil and more skilled musicians enhance the quality of the song.

Debuting with Mina’s help and others’ assistance, she said, “It would be an adventure to debut as a singer at such a late age but I will work hard and fight to become an unforgettable singer.”