SISTAR Chooses Their Ideal Types

The members of SISTAR held an impromptu gag battle pertaining to ideal types while guesting on SBS‘s Power FM radio program, “Choi Hwa Jung’s Power Time,” on August 30th. 

“Aren’t there a lot of celebrities that choose the SISTAR members as their ideal type?” DJ Choi Hwa Jung opened the segment up by asking. Hyorin replied, “It’s an honor to be chosen as ideal types by male celebrities.”

Dasom piped in by jokingly revealing, “I don’t look at physical looks or anything. I like normal-looking guys like Daniel Henney.” The rest of the members continued the joke by adding their own replies, with Hyorin saying, “My ideal type is Kang Dong Won since he’s not that easy to notice.”  

“I like Song Joong Ki for looking normal,” added Bora. Soyou said, “I like Gong Yoo. He’s like the brother next door.” 

Choi Hwa Jung didn’t want to be left out of the impromptu gag battle, as she quickly added, “Don’t you think your standards are too low?” She also praised the girls for their unique way of answering questions pertaining to their ideal types.